Francisco Vaquiz De Coronado by destry farris

Francisco was born in Salamanca Spain but left in his teens because his parent's promised their fortune (Money) to his brother but he became the Governor of New Galicia present day Mexico.


But well he was there he heard stories of the so said seven golden city's but when he got there their was nothing. So he went back but when he got there he heard an other story about a golden city called Quivira but once again nothing there it was just a village.
He died on September 22, 1544 In Mexico city but he was very disgraced for not finding the golden city's spoke of, he was still govener but his traveling made him bankrupted
As he was on his Exploration he was going down the Colorado River's he discovered the now day Grand Canyon but through 1540-1541 during the winter his crew and the Indians clashed and started a war known as the Tiguex war and the reasoning for clashing is because he and his crew raided and stole, from a little village called Tiguex.


Created with images by cisc1970 - "armor" • JaimePF55 - "tower gold seville" • blondinrikard - "Chocolate wrapping" • rodro - "bellas artes building mexico" • Paul Fundenburg - "Grand Canyon"

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