Monkton Park Newsletter Friday 11th October 2019

Weekly Achievement Awards

Congratulation in week 6 to: Caitlin, Darius, Laurie, Reuben, Malak, Flynn, Amber, Alistair and Nusrate.

Hot Chocolate Friday

This weeks achievers are: Isabella, Miles, Henry, John, Rojus, Nellie, Vita, Brooklyn and William

Star Writers

This weeks Star Writers are: Isaac, Taeya, Sophie, Henry, Evie, Tyler, Katy, Emilia and Matilda

Work of the Week

Unfortunatly due to technical issues, we can't show this weeks 'Work of the Week'.

Congratulations to James Hughes from Squirrels' class, who produced a great piece of English work.

Foxes Class Assembly

The children of Foxes' class look forward to welcoming family and friends to their class assembly on Thursday 17th October at 9.15am. Tea and coffee will be served afterwards.

Young Sports Ambassadors

On the 2nd October we went to the Neeld Hall for our sports ambassador training. We filled out booklet on how to organise our school sports. We designed our own game to bring back to school. Being a young ambassador means being a leader ad a role model to others. We played a selection of sports including different warm up and mini-games. We met a South African rugby international who talked to us about his career and his work with the Youth Sports Trust.

By Isabelle and Josh

Young Officials

On 4th October 2019 we went to the Dome at Sheldon school for a course of refereeing/umpiring football and netball.

Amelia and Lily did umpiring Netball, we played matched and a couple of girls tried umpiring and then we swapped around so everyone had a go. Then we had a quiz on what we had learnt.

Euan and Wil played mini football matches and all of the boys had a go at refereeing a game. We had to remember all the signals and hand signs. Then we also had a quiz on the hand signs

We all had an awesome morning and we will be starting netball and football clubs for the younger pupils in the school.

by Euan, Amelia, Wil and Lily

Parents' Evening

Parents' Evening is on the 15th and 16th October. Bookings can be made by logging on here . The process is quite simple but if you do have any trouble logging on please contact the school office.

Individual & Family School Photos

Tempest photographers will be in school on Monday 14th October to take individual and family photos. The children will have their individual and school age sibling photos taken during the morning. If you have pre-school children and you would like to have a family photograph taken, please come to the school hall from 8.15—8.45am.

Club Cancellations

Due to parents' evening on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th October we will have to cancel some after school clubs. Therefore there will be no Computer club, Lego club, Netball club or T-Trak club on Tuesday. We hope this does not cause too much inconvenience.

Aldi Kit for Schools

Please don't forget to bring in your 'Aldi Sports Stickers' to help us complete our poster.

School Applications

Parents of children due to start primary school and parents of year 6 pupils need to apply for primary and secondary school spaces. Please see the school website for further details.

School Guitar Lessons


Monthly Social:

Please come along to the Tenth Hole Tea Room on Friday 18th October from 9am to have a natter and drink with friends. There will most likely be some FOMPS members there if you have any questions but otherwise this is a great opportunity to get to know other parents from all across the school.

Hopefully this will lead to a monthly event.


Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped out at the disco, and especially to our in-house DJ Stuart who managed to find most, if not all, of those crazy song requests. It was great fun! The money has now been counted and we raised an amazing £650 towards school projects. Thank you

Dates for your Diary

Please see the School Calendar for all of the diary dates.

Week Beginning 14th October

Monday 14th October

Individual and Family Photos

Badminton Club

Multi Sports Club

Tuesday 15th October

Badminton Festival

Parents Evening

Wednesday 16th October

Year 4 Swimming Lessons

Book Club

Rabbits and Fieldmice walk to Monkton Park

Multi Sports

Parents Evening

Thursday 17th October

Foxes Class Assembly

Young Voices Club

Creative Arts Club

Creative Writing Club

Football Club

Friday 18th October

Running Club

Sheldon Big Sing

Tyrone Mings Academy

Week Beginning 21st October

Monday 21st October

Badminton Club

Multi Sports Club

Tuesday 22nd October

Foxes Library Visit

Lego Club

Computer Club

T-Trak Club

Netball Club

Wednesday 23rd October

Year 4 Swimming Lessons

Book Club

Multi Sports

School Closes for the half term holiday.

School reopens on Monday 4th November at 8.45am

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