5 Day Teaching Philosophy Challenge Challenge accepted!

I am excited to start the Teaching Philosophy five day challenge with you! You can print these pages out or edit them in the PDF editor of your choice.
I encourage you to take a picture of your progress using the prompts. Please share your thoughts and ideas out on social media using #EduMagic.
Day 1 - Why?

Let's do this! This question may seem simple but it is pretty complex. Really think about your why. You may want to put your why on a sticky note or somewhere you can see it each day to keep you grounded in your profession. Teaching is a beautiful and challenging career, why did you choose it? Why do you want to be an educator of excellence?

Day 2 - Adapting instruction

As educators of excellence we teach ALL students that enter into our classrooms. Think about your classroom teaching experience how will you make sure each student in your class is successful, independent, and has a voice? How will you adapt instruction to meet the needs and strengths of your students?

Day 3 - Student centered learning

Today we are focusing on your student-centered classroom, picture it in your mind. How does it make your students feel? What does it look like? What tone does it set as students step foot into the space? How can you incorporate a student-centered design?

Day 4 - Edtech

Edtech is a passion area of mine and I love using it in ways that engage and support learning in the classroom. So, today let's chat about incorporating education technology in the classroom.

  • How do you plan to implement technology in ways that engage, motivate, support, and challenge students?
  • What are some strategies that you observed?
  • What are some specific tools that you want to use and why?
Some resources to help get you started:

Edtech tools to get to know this summer

10 edtech tips for student teachers

Always be a lead learner

Tech tools for your teacher tool belt

Day 5 - Adding Megapixels (or sprinkles) to your philosophy of teaching

I am so glad that you took this journey with me and that you are on your way to developing a teaching philosophy that is authentically YOU! So today, let's put some sprinkles on your teaching philosophy and make it fancy! I encourage you to take what you have written and make it into a video! By making your teaching philosophy into a video you can add: images, text, captions, headings, video clips of you teaching, or audio voice over.

I recommend trying out tools like Canva, Animoto, or Adobe Spark to create a compelling and beautiful teaching philosophy that you can then embed into your website!

Don't forget to share what you created using #EduMagic!

Please reach out on social media @SFecich. I am looking forward to connecting with YOU!


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