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I've always been interested in imagery. As a young adult, I bought my first DSLR camera in preparation for a trip to Europe. This gave me my first experience to focus on specific aspects of landscape and architecture.

Architecture allows the photographer to capture unique leading lines and perspective.
Basel, Switzerland

Traveling has brought an additional opportunity to refine techniques and capture unique memories of places we've visited.

Pitigliano, Italy
Montepulciano, Italy
Tuscany region, Italy
Having friends and family located in European countries, has given us an amazing opportunity to experience life in these countries along side those that live there. They all offer unique features that are amazingly scenic!
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Living next to Lake Michigan, I've always been interested in coastal architecture. Light houses have given me a destination, as I add to my list of overall photos for this theme.

Algoma, Wisconsin
Kewaunee, Wisconsin
Sandhill B&B, Michigan
Manitowoc, Wisconsin
NorthPoint - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Two Rivers, Wisconsin

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Michael Henderson


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