Quick and easy treats to prepare for Easter By: brooke dembin '22

Since everyone is quarantined, people are starting to lose their minds! Especially with important upcoming holidays because we are so focused on escaping our homes. Easter is fast approaching, filled with colors, joy and most importantly candy! Here are some super easy and fun treats to make being stuck at home a little enjoyable.

This first treat is a bird's nest. Not only is it extremely adorable but also effortless to make. For the nest, you can use any type of brown cake-like dessert. My sister had a couple of chocolate muffins, so I used that as the bottom of the nest. All you have to do is mush your base. You can do this by either using a spoon to press down on the base or by physically kneading it with your hands. Lastly, place the eggs inside.

Mini Cadbury eggs come in both milk and dark chocolate, so you can purchase whichever you prefer.
I personally used chocolate muffins but you can also use things such as cake or brownies.
Chocolate muffin bird nest with mini Cadbury eggs.

Here is the final product of the bird's nest! It's extremely simple yet representative of the oncoming Easter holiday as well as the spring season.

The next treat is chocolate covered Oreos with sprinkles. All you need are store bought chocolate covered oreos (or you can make them yourself and in that case you will need white chocolate) and sprinkles.

These Oreos also come in milk chocolate but I used white chocolate because I personally liked the way it looked.
Using rainbow sprinkles makes the Oreos extremely festive with bright and vibrant colors.

If you're making the chocolate covered Oreos, after dipping them in chocolate, sprinkle rainbow sprinkles on top. You can place them in the fridge to harden. If you’re using store bought chocolate covered Oreos you can just sprinkle the sprinkles on top.

White chocolate covered Oreos with sprinkles make for a fun and festive snack.

Here is the final product! These Oreos are extremely colorful and so festive for the holiday.

These treats are fast to make and fun to enjoy with family. The ingredients are very simple items which you might already have in your house. Making these treats is a great way to keep yourself occupied, celebrate Easter and make being quarantined more enjoyable for everyone.