Barack Obama: or how i learned to stop worrying and start believing in change

Barack Obama

From 2008 to 2016 Obama has shown to be the greatest and most progressive president we've ever had.From obamacare to gay marriage he has proven time and time again to be a successful and caring president.

Progressive Achevments:Obama has shown to be quite a progressive president.His most progressive achevement was legalizing gay marriage nationwide.He also made obamacare whitch helped millions of families to become insured.He is also the first black president

Economic Achevements:Obama did many things to help the economy in america.the enployment rating went down to 4.1%.He added 401,000 jobs in government

Facts about Obama: Obama was born on august 4th,1961 to Ann Dunham and Barack Obama sr.Obama is mixed race born to a black father and white mother.He has written 5 books.He was born in Hawaii

Flaws about Obama: there is very few flaws about Obama.One of his flaws is that he raised the national debt from 10 trillion to 19 trillion.His other flaw is being bipartisan in some respects witch made stuff like gay marriage take a long time to happen.

Early life: Obama was born in hawaii and went to harvard law school.he was a very gifted child in school and teachers could tell from a very early aged he was destined for greatness.

Political carrier: Obama was Illinois State Senator (1997–2004) and Senator of Illinois (2005–2008), Clearly much more then our next president

Family: Obama has two sisters and six of Obamas brothers voted for trump


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