Fun at the Annual Raven Brain Bowl by tyler comeau and tyler perterson

28 students came out for the annual Raven Brain Bowl. The event was put on by Paul Jenkins, Dr. Bob Goodby, Professor Gerald Burns, and Student Involvement. It was hosted by senior Andrew Hoeing.

Teams signed up for the event during registration for the Academic Showcase on April 23, 2019. "It was a fun way to be one of the last events at Academic Showcase. It is also one of the most interactive," said Derek Scalia, Director of Student Involvement.

The team "No Flicks Given" won first place and will have their names engraved on the Brain Bowl and received $50 in gift cards to Amazon. The second place team, the "Pyschopaths", each won a Franklin Pierce notebook.

This year was the first time the Brain Bowl used Kahoot!, the popular trivia and quizzing app. Each team had a laptop the answer questions prompted on the main projector screen.

The teams were playfully scolded by Andrew Hoeing for not knowing what years Preseident Franklin Pierce was in office. Hoeing stated, "Franklin Pierce is the name of the school, ladies and gentlemen."


(Photo: Tyler Peterson)

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