Modern Physics looking for a theory of everything

Modern physics is about 5 topics:

Below is an overview of each topic. Click on the buttons below to see more.

1. the Four Fundamental Forces

There are four fundamental forces that govern the way our universe works. These forces are gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear forces, and weak nuclear forces.

2. General Relativity

General Relativity is the science for forces that apply on a large scale, especially gravity. For example, gravity is what causes the planets to revolve around the sun.

3. Quantum Mechanics

This describe the forces that exist on a really small scale: electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force.

4. Unification

The problem is that the General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics don't line up. But if they are both true, then why doesn't the math work together? The goal is to find one master equation to unify these two fields of physics.

5. String Theory

The theory that extremely small strings, even smaller than quarks, make up everything. These strings vibrate differently, like different notes in a song, and that's what makes different particles. These little tiny strings would make the math work out so that General Relativity could be combined with Quantum Mechanics.

In summary, there are Four Fundamental Forces that control our universe: some on a giant scale and some on a tiny scale. Scientists have searched long and hard to find a way to unify these forces with one master equation. So far, electromagnetism, small nuclear force, and weak nuclear force can be described with Quantum Mechanics, and gravity can be described using General Relativity. The one problem is that the math for Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity doesn't match up. That's where String Theory applies. If there was an explanation for gravity, say mass-less particles made up by tiny strings, these categories of modern physics could be unified.

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