Portraits Jessica Lloyd

Environment: For this photo I made edits so the the main subject would be the person, not his surroundings. I also used the patch tool to get rid of some distractions in the photo.

Casual: Along with using some of the fill and replace tools in photoshop to touch up some of the flaws in this photo, I added a filter so the the lighting in the background would not be as bright and distracting of the main subject.

Formal: In this photo I also made a few minor touch ups to give the photo a cleaner look. I changed the lighting in this photo as well to highlight the shadows on their faces. I used the healing brush tool to get rid of any distractions in the photo as well.

Self: For my self portrait I made the photo lighter and I made the brighter colors pop more. I also used the blur tool to take focus away from the carpet, and I used the burn tool to add more shadows to the background.

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