Lance pierie digital citizenship

the golden rule is "would you say it in real life?" only put stuff that are nice and fair to everybody

don't brag about ur stuff.

too much information

do not show all the 'steps' of your life

keep your relationship to yourself

do not leave cliffhangers


do not make your pictures look like this. that is not you

keep your account private, not public

post smart. you are not dumb


Created with images by jarmoluk - "the ball stadion football" • PublicDomainPictures - "business cash coin" • Mike Babcock - "Lambo" • HomeSpot HQ - "Toilet" • Tim Green aka atoach - "Steps up" • stephend9 - "Rings" • Sean MacEntee - "cliffs of moher" • aturkus - "Stop complaining." • Arturo Espinosa - "Yukteswar. Incomparable teacher! for PIFAL" • Riedelmeier - "castles fence love" • IsaacMao - "Brain"

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