I AM TOM STEP By luke millowitz

The Powhatan Village

If was living in 1607 I would have been living in this Powhatan Village. It shows multiple houses, butter churners, and a hunting trainer. Inside the houses are animal skins, and a fire pit. The butter churners are trees hollowed out with sticks that churn the butter. The hunting trainer has little target holes that you throw an arrow into.

The Weere

The weere is a tool that the Powhatans would use to make fishing a lot easier. You would run the weere against the current through the water and would catch the fish traveling with the current. The weere is made out of wooden sticks and is woven together with ropes.The Powhatans were the only people to use this tool.

Picture of a smith shaping the metal
Picture some tools used by blacksmiths
Picture of tools, and fireplaces

As a Native soldier myself I need repairs for my weapons. At the blacksmith it smelt like smoke, ashes, and wood. There were multiples fireplaces, many tools, and a giant bellows. Anything that is made of shaped iron, or steel you can buy at the blacksmith. If something made out of iron or steel is damaged you can go and get it repaired. Since I need my weapons to be repaired I would go to the blacksmith. To order something you must go to the shop itself and buy what you want.

The entry hall of the Governors Palace
One of the planning and meeting rooms in the Governers Palace

Since I am a Native American Military Captain I would most likely be visiting the Governors Palace many times. The owner of this palace was the governor of Williamsburg. The picture above (lowest of them all) was used as a planning and meeting room in the palace. My favorite item in the house has to be a muskets because I use muskets alot so when I see the fancy muskets I love it.

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