A snapshot of my photography Grace Novak

I decided to take photography in hopes to be able to capture moments of day to day life in a more creative way. I love to take pictures, but I wanted them to be more interesting to look at, even if the story behind them wasn't one that everyone knew.

This image of a drip painting shows a shallow depth of field. The drip painting is clear in the front and blurs as it gets too far or too close to the lens because of the wide aperture. A wide aperture is when a small f-stop is used. If I would have used a larger f-stop, I would have had a smaller opening and the entire image would have been in focus. This taught me how I can use my camera, not just my composition, to make a focal point.

When doing composites, I really focused on the composition of my image. I used the rule of thirds by placing the light post on one of the third lines to make the image more interesting to look at, rather than placing it straight down the middle. I also tried to make the point where the actual lights and the cross walk sign meet be at an intersection point of two of the third lines.
I first used the healing brush tool to smooth out a few blemishes on my model. I also added a mask so that I could correct the skin tones, without changing the color of my background. To correct the skin tones I pinpointed areas of my models face and then made a few curves adjustments to make them appear more natural to what they are in person. I also adjusted the levels of the sweatshirt to make it appear to be a truer black. After all of this I added a high pass filter to sharpen everything slightly.
The MONARCHS collage is the project that I learned he most from. It was the first project that we used a lot of tools that we learned about on and it was all encompassing. I used masks, vignetting, dodging, burning, healing tools, levels, curves, and hue/saturation layers. This type of photo also required a lot of creative and looking at everyday objects in a different way than usual.
I will most likely use the techniques that I learned for product photography. I am interested in studying marketing and advertising is a big part of that. To be able to take shots for an ad on a very small budget will be a helpful tool for my future.
Special Effects Photography
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