My Vignette Stories By: Brendan Lee

My Name

In Gaelic the meaning of my name is Brave. It is like the number one, not afraid to go first. It means not being scared to do things, it means fearless. It is the person who is not nervous to say what is on their mind. It used to be my dad's name but now it is mine. He is a tough guy and isn’t afraid of anyone. He lost his parents at a young age, but always believed it would get better. Having my dad's name influences me to be like him. It reminds me to not let anything get in my way. People at school think my name is just a regular boring name, but I see more in my name than others. I view it as motivation to get things done. I look at it as a symbol to not let anyone get in my way no matter what. It is like the little guy who isn’t afraid to fight back to the bully. I witness my name as a bright bold color. Like the color yellow, never afraid to stand out. I like my name and would never want to change it. It reminds me of my dad and how he overcame adversity when he didn’t have anyone to take care of him. It motivates me to never give up and to keep moving forward. Finally it pushing me to give 100% percent no matter what I’m doing because I don’t want to let my dad’s name down.


Everyone in my family has different smiles. My mom's smile is as big as the sun, brightening up the room. It’s like a flood light shining down on you. Which resembles her personality because she always seems to brighten up my day. My dad's smile is like winning a football game; it is great and all, but there are still things that could be better. No matter how hard you try there is always something that can be better, since he always seems to be missing a few pieces. Which as a result Reflects his nature because he always says that I can do better. My sister’s smile is like looking into a mirror, everything reflects off them. They are as white as the soft snow falling from the sky, showing how nice and peaceful she can be. But my brother’s smile isn’t so good, it’s like waking up for school. Then there is me the one with braces, who's smile looks like train tracks. I’m the one that even though my smile might look bad now, I believe it will eventually get better. In my family we all have different smiles, not one of us has the same smile. Making us all different in our own little ways, setting us apart from each other, which shows are personality.

The Haircut gone wrong

It was finally the day, the day that I had been waiting 365 days for. It was my birthday, the best day ever. I couldn't believe it, I was finally turning ten. I felt like I had just won the lottery, I was overwhelmed with happiness. I had the whole day planned out. First I would go to breakfast with my mom, second I would hang out with my friends, and third I would go to dinner with my family. The day was going great up until I decided on getting a haircut before dinner. It was kinda like the bruins when they decided to trade Tyler Seguin, everything was going great up until then. Not knowing what would happen during my haircut. I took the razor without my mom knowing and tried cutting my own hair. But it went terribly wrong, I had completely shaved off a spot of hair on the back of my head. It now looked like a patch of dead grass in someone's front yard. I couldn't believe it, the day had been going so well up until this point. It was like a sunny down that was interrupted by a storm. As a result I didn’t want to go to dinner anymore, I was afraid they would make fun of me. But since my whole family was going we couldn’t cancel it. So my mom made me go and told me to just put a hat over it, so I did. We got there and everything went fine. They sang happy birthday and congratulated me for turning ten. But then it went downhill real quick, just like the Cleveland Browns season when Robert Griffin III got injured. All of a sudden my noisy uncle asked me why I was wearing a hat and my mom being her typical self told him what happened. I couldn’t understand why she would tell him. I instantly became embarrassed. But that wasn’t even the worst part, it was like the shower before the storm. My uncle being the curious person he was wanted to see what it looked like, so my mom made me show him. My uncle not realizing that I was listening said “jeez that’s really bad”. As a result to being so embarrassed I began to noncontrolling cry, just like a waterfall. The best day ever had instantly turned into the worst. I couldn’t believe it, a day I wanted never to end, had turned into a day I couldn’t wait to end.


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