The Harn Museum By Callie McDowell

Viewing the Male Royal Ancestor Mask on a website or in a book could cause the art to easily be mistaken as a painting or a portrait. Seeing the mask in person at the museum was much more beneficial and helped me take in the full effect. It is a 3 dimensional sculpture detailed with many pretty beads, which you also might not be able to recognize through a lens. Seeing this piece up close and noticing the copper on the face and how every bead is in perfect position, made me realize how tedious and time consuming art pieces like this can be. Small details can make such a difference on art work, for example, the copper on the face represents a royal status, which I would not have observed without seeing it up close. Seeing art up close and in person, even through a glass case, can have much more meaning and an impact than viewing it through a website or a book.
As I first entered the museum and walked into an exhibit of what seemed to be a lot of culture based paintings, I suddenly came across this piece of art designed by Aaron Lee Weiner. I find it very astonishing that it is a landscape designed room, but it is not outdoors at all. I also find it very interesting how it seems that there is natural lighting shining in from above, but from our angle we can't tell if there are windows above letting in natural light, or if it just appears to be this way. The windows separating us and the art, and the fact we cant see the ceiling from our angle, leads me believe that the top of this room is also window letting in sun. The surroundings of the sculpture in the middle of the room make the sculpture itself appear even more beautiful due to the design and the outdoors feeling. This work of art is a very big attraction and many people sit in the chairs outside looking in and examining this room.
Rineke Dijkstra's photographic art work had one of the biggest impacts on me at the museum. This one photograph portrays so many emotions that could differ from all different people. Personally, looking at this picture I felt a lot of emotions, but mainly sad and scared. This picture, to me, seems like a little girl with a straight face standing in front of a tree. But when i really looked hard at this photograph and analyzed it, it seemed much more than just that. It made me think of a little girl who has had a rough life, is very angry, and lost in the woods. She has a very mean look on her face and the way she is standing looks very sassy and not happy. This girl also seems to be alone, with little clothing on and messy hair. This makes me feel scared for her and sad because she is just a young little girl and could be going through rough times to make her feel angry, as she looks in the picture.
In Pachinko Parlor, we see a very vibrant picture of the city. The whole city is very lit up, as cars scatter through and people are standing and walking around. There is a huge arcade on the side of the road and it looks very exciting and fun because of all the lights and colors that advertise it. Viewing this work of art changed my outlook on cities completely. Coming from a very rural area, when i think of a city I picture a gloomy and rainy day filled with cars honking and people scurrying through the sidewalks in a rush. Pure chaos. This picture portrays the city life as very vibrant and colorful, which is the opposite of my original outlook on the city. This piece of art made me want to explore the city and see what it is really like.

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