My Experience at the Florida Museum of Natural History Alexa Zeilander

Nature on Display

The Butterfly Museum seemed to be the most appealing example of “Nature on Display” to me. The hands-on experience made this exhibit my favorite one. The different sizes, shapes and colors of all the butterflies really caught my attention and helped me appreciate how beautiful nature is. Being inside the exhibit helped me feel at peace and closer to nature as a whole. It was amusing to watch the reactions of both my friends and even myself when a butterfly would come near us. I was calmer than I thought I would be, wanting the butterflies to come closer, but some of my friends would yell or run away even though theses creatures are harmless!

Nature and Ethics

The exhibit that related most to my daily life was this one about energy. I waste energy everyday doing average things such as brushing my teeth, taking long showers, and using gas in my house to cook/keep warm. I, along with a lot of other people, don’t even realize the amount of energy we consume per day! This exhibit really put this into perspective for me and taught me different ways to start conserving energy. One example of this is to turn off the water while brushing your teeth, or to take shorter showers. This exhibit also helped me realize that it’s my ethical responsibility to save our environment for future generations, which may even include my own kids. Ignoring all environmental signs such as pollution and global warming are only harming our environment. My friends and I all felt bad about our past actions after going through this exhibit and now have a higher desire to take care of planet Earth.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This exhibit of a DNA lab helped me to step out of my ordinary life and taught me the smaller details about human life itself. The exhibit educated me on what DNA is and how it makes up every living thing we know as humans. As a pre-medical student, this kind of biology interests me and helps me better appreciate the complexity of the human race and the mysteries of the natural world. Something that inspires me about this exhibit is that even though we know the most we’ve ever known about genetics, scientists in labs such as this one are still studying the genetics of different organisms and learning new things every day.

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