Relative Pronouns Grammar - January 2017

REVIEW: A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun or a group of nouns.

What are the nouns that you see below?

What pronouns can take the place of the pictured nouns?

Relative pronouns are used to connect a relative clause to another part of the sentence. Their job is to introduce the relative clause.

The relative pronouns are that, which, whom, who, and whose

Let's Practice!

Directions: Fill in the blank with the correct relative pronoun

that, which, whom, who, or whose

Sam's younger brother, ________ piano recital you have heard, is going to take more lessons this summer.

that, which, whom, who, or whose

The book _________ Jill is writing is ready to publish.

that, which, whom, who, or whose

Grandpa is the person ________ will never let you down.

that, which, whom, who, or whose

This is the lady _________ I would like to speak with.


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