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Our neighbourhood, Somió, in Northern Spain is one of Europe´s best kept secrets. A hideaway that offers the opportunity to live a dynamic working life in balance with more quality personal and family time.

Somió is an ideal location to work from in Europe where you can also dedicate more quality time to the things that really matter.

LA PIPA, the pionnering innovation project in Somió is our HQ
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Somió is in Asturias, autonomous region in the north of Spain lying along the Bay of Biscay, dense with trees that run up hillsides, rock mountains, cliffs and beaches.

Local, organic & fresh food is great in Somió
Local architecture blends in with trees and greeneries

We deliver best in class property and residential consultancy services - by design.

Exclusively in Somió.

A neighbourhood just the ideal size for us to be within 5 minutes from any client if they you should need us.

We deliver the highest standards of service through our team of local specialists, who are all residents themselves who you can trust.

Clients are managed by Founder & CEO, Dory Casas from our Offices at LA PIPA - Imagination by Design, the thriving international innovation hub in Somió which we co-founded in 2019.

We cater for International and local clients interested in living in this unique corner in "The North of the South" of Europe

There is a wealth top quality international schools to choose from

Somió is located just outside the city of Gijón which is currently the safest town in Spain and in Southern Europe. The area attracts the attention of technology and science professionals, consultants, and empty nesters, who have been moving here for years with their families seeking balance and the exceptional quality of life.

Numerous beaches and coves to enjoy along our dramatic coastline

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Somió´s main street: Avenida Dionisio Cifuentes

Local residents meet regularly in the cafés, bars and restaurants located on the main street in Somió

There are about 8,000 residents in Somió, mostly families and young professionals. Our neighbours live in individual houses and chalets, scattered amongst the trees in a beautiful maze -of sorts- of narrow lanes and beautiful gardens surrounded by nature.

The main road to town is very quiet since and limited to neighbours mostly

At somio.com we help our clients find the right place to settle, at the right price.

We are not an Estate Agents, but consultants that live locally and work hard to make sure you find your dream home in Somió and make your life easier.

We offer ad-hoc services, and our philosophy is to listen carefully to our your needs to then create smart, tailored living experiences to with more hassle free time to enjoy with your family and friends.

Discover why this stunning region is Spain’s best-kept secret:

Dory Casas, Founder of somio.com with Bowie

- Peace of mind -

If you would like more information about our tailor-made services in Somió please get in touch with me:

Dory Casas, Founder

Phone: +34 654 037 401

email: dory.casas@somio.com

Or come and visit us anytime at our offices in Camino Nogales, 318, 33203 Gijón, Asturias. Spain.

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