Investigating the Dakota Access Pipeline by kirsty siller

The advancement of the Dakota Pipeline is a good thing. So instead of looking at the negative connotations, lets put our focus and energy towards the positive aspects of this advancement.

Lets face the facts, America uses 800 million gallons of petroleum every day. Energy Transfer Partners operate more than 70,000 miles of pipeline and are standing by our side in the construction and formation of this easement.

Throughout my internship with the US Department of Energy I plan on keeping the public updated with the construction and progress of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) through their website on a bi-weekly basis. My reports will strictly look at the facts of the matter, excluding bias for the sake of all stakeholders and the public. It is important to understand and be aware of the purpose and the effects that could take place with the DAPL so that's where the focus of my reports will be.

In order for people to hear my voice and understand the good of the pipeline, i will need your support to conduct informative and unbiased radio talk shows. This deliverable would allow me to help answer the public's' questions live, also allowing the rest of the public to hear what is being said, and hopefully answering the questions of those that do not want to step forward to ask. Everyone wants to be heard, and letting the public share their opinions on the live radio and receiving positive feedback and facts on the construction has potential to change the acts and perspective of many people.

Focusing my internship on the public and the positive aspects of the construction could release positive energy. We all live off of energy and instead of keeping the controversial issue going, lets face it. Some may not seem to be directly "affected" by the construction, but lets take into consideration of those who are against the construction and at least give them a chance to voice their opinion, be heard, and have their questions answered free from bias. I see a rocky road ahead with a internship that requires facing the public but it i see a positive light on the other side.


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