India's Call Centers Amber Wyman

I am now standing in from of one of India's best call centers, ASAP, and I can say that the workers here work very efficiently considering the fact that not many children get to go to school. The workers go through training to learn to speak English quickly efficiently so they can answer costumers questions almost instantly. Some workers train to change their accent so they can be understood by customers.

India runs these call center and has thousands of workers who can work in them. One of the reasons for this is their population, being that they rank second in the world behind China for largest population with 1,335,573,941 people. India also ranks second for population that lives in an urban area, this means they live in city areas, where call centers are most likely located, so it is easier to get to city jobs. India also has a rapidly growing population ranking first in population of children, though most of these children never get to go to school because their parents don't have the money.

In fact money is the reason people will work at call centers. Many of people in India have jobs and so they'll take any opportunity. They only earn around $5,000 a year but for some workers it's the best pay they can get.

But regardless of the fact that working a a cell center is a hard job it gives India an advantage. They know everything about different technologies that some people know remotely nothing about. And we have to resort to asking them for help for things that we could take the time to learn if we wanted. This gives the people in India a higher IQ than the people of America.

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