Campus Ministry Update University of the Philippines - Manila | First Quarter Newsletter 2017

On March 24, more than 11,000 Victory group leaders and interns from our Victory Metro Manila congregations gathered at the SM Mall of Asia Arena for Discipleship 2017. With its “Engage” theme, our annual discipleship convergence aimed to equip and empower our current and upcoming Victory group leaders to engage culture and community to preach the gospel.
"We are the salt of the earth. We are called to engage our culture and community. Where will you start?" -Pastor Steve Murrell


engage |inˈɡāj enˈɡāj|. verb. 1 [with object] occupy, attract, or involve. 2 [engage someone in] cause someone to become involved in (a conversation or discussion). 3 [engage with] establish a meaningful contact or connection with.
1 [with object] occupy, attract, or involve.

Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE) is one of our annual ENGAGE events as Every Nation Campus UPM organization. This is in cooperation with the University Student Council of UP Manila which we titled "WAR ROOM: Fighting The Battle Within".

With some of the students who attended our ACLE event

Last March 10, 2017, there were 35 students who went through our 4 different game stations and had fun playing as a team, heard about the Gospel through our GOD TEST station, learned from a talk about how to withstand personal challenges contributing to being Millennials, and were connected with others through Victory groups.

It encouraged the UPM students not to fight their "battles" alone but allowed them to know that GOD already fought the battle for them and they have people to fight with them.

Game face on, fight the battle within!

Game stations --- God Test station --- Talk --- Testimony --- Break Out Session
2 [engage someone in] cause someone to become involved in (a conversation or discussion).
VIP Meeting is attended by our Victory Group leaders and interns in UP Manila.

Prior to our ACLE, we had our VIP meeting that aims to cast the VISION to be missional, have our INSTRUCTION from the Word of GOD, and be one accord in PRAYER.

We were inspired by our Campus Director Enriko Lim for motivating us to have missional passion and to our campus missionary Erikk Alarcon for sharing his best practices in doing the God Test.


This caused our campus leaders to be involved in what GOD is doing in the lives of the young people that are seeking for security, belongingness, and purpose. The GOSPEL is the ANSWER. Proclaiming the Gospel is what we will be involved in, to MAKE GOD KNOWN.

Engage Month Youth Series: HEARTBEAT

We kicked -off our FEB series by MOVING BACK to Victory Malate for our Youth Service, last February 3, 2017, to accommodate more students, as we prepare for growth and expansion for the next 5 years. For the meantime, we are having 1 service every Friday at 6pm.

Since we started our youth service in Victory Malate, we are averaging on a 350 in attendance. Please pray that more students would be added in our church community as we go out there and engage the lost.
Photo boards for photo ops. :)
To engage more students and feel the HEARTBEAT of February, we invited an in-house band to do the Special Number.

To what tune does your heart beat?

3 [engage with] establish a meaningful contact or connection with.
I am gratefully surprised that I got "ENGAGE-D" last January 6, 2017!

"...HE who promised is FAITHFUL." Hebrews 10:23 (ESV)

It's a love story of patiently waiting on GOD's timing, of purpose and persistence. #NewYearNewBeginnings
I AM ENGAGED to Kris Malana, a long time friend and a two-year lover, who is also a part of Victory Malate, serves in the Music Ministry, and passionately engages the next generation by teaching them his guitar skills. We humbly ask you to keep us in your prayers as we prepare for our wedding on OCTOBER 23, 2017 - SAVE THE DATE! :)
THANK YOU for your continuous support and partnership as we ENGAGE more people into the kingdom of GOD, and allow them to experience their NEW LIFE in CHRIST.
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