TACFIT Certified TACFIT Coach, Zac Kieri

What have you been looking for?

Have you been looking for an holistic workout designed to address your strength, conditioning, mobility and stress? If not, why? With the goal making our lives and how we live them fitness should only address one trend: function.

What is TACFIT?

TACFIT is an integrated training system using fitness implements and modalities intended to create the maximum physical, mental and emotional adaptation from no more than 20 minute of high intensity exercise per session. With a series of 26 workouts consisting of purposely chosen exercises for warm-up, workout and cool-down TACFIT provides an endless array of challenge as each exercise offers a progression of increasingly more complex exercises and you improve.

Who is Using TACFIT?

Designed by world renowned Martial Arts and fitness trainer Scott Sonnon, TACFIT was designed for frontline individuals who require optimum efficiency and effectiveness from their workouts with minimum risk of injury and a maximum capacity for use outside of the gym. Groups from local police & fire, to state and federal law enforcement as well as the FBI and CIA now use TACFIT as their main physical training modality.

Is TACFIT for Me?

If you’ve been looking for a workout that will change the way your heart, lungs, muscles & mind respond to physical and mental stress then TACFIT is for you. If you’ve been looking for something new and challenging using the oldest tools in the gym to find new pathways to strength & movement then TACFIT is for you.

Who is Zach?

Being a fitness enthusiast from a young age I engaged in sports ranging from Martial Arts, Mountain Biking and Skiing, to Baseball, Rock Climbing and Football. Having used Kettlebells and Clubbells as key tools in my physical training I was drawn to TACFIT when I became a trainer more than 5 years ago. As Toronto’s only TACFIT Trainer I invite you to come try “the World’s Smartest Workout”

Coach Zac Kieri


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