Commedia Dell’arte Kouyi su

Began in Italy in the 16 the century

Commedia dell'arte was translates to "theatre of the professional"

Commedia dell'arte Was first discovered in the mannerist period but there's has been a long standing tradition of trying to establish the historical antecedents in antiquity.we know that between the earlier theatrical tradition and now there is no way to establish the certain origin.
The first recorded performance came from Rome in the early 1551.commedia dell'arte is performed outdoors in temporary venues by actors who are costumed and masked.
-It's performed in a comedic style and situation were not scripted or written characters had to be improvisation.
Il Dottore
Ll dottore is also known as the doctor,one of the old man whose function in a scenario is to be an obstacle to the young lovers.Il Dottore being the decadent erudite. He has been part of the main canon of characters since the mid 1500s.he performs in a long jacket with a black coat that goes all the way down to his ankles with black shoes and a skull cap on his head.ll dottore is a very fat man so he has a big stomach.the mask covers the eyes and nose and leaves out the cheeks Because The Doctor is very fat and he enjoys drinking, the nose is fat and round and the forehead high.his cheeks are usually reddened to show the affects of the liquor.
The mask
maintains his high status because he make it seem as though he knows what he is talking about. He blabbers in fake Latin, on and on.the lower class characters calls him knowlege and that maintains his status.he doesn’t have any money. He is never put off his stroke by parody, interruption, or even physical abuse. Makes crude sexual jokes and has a weakness for pornography.
Ll dottore stands with his weight on the back of his heel and his stomach forward,hand gestures with each word.he always walks when he doesn't walk in a straight line instead he walks in figure eight using tiny steps.
He gives the other actors a break by taking up space and time to talk. He is usually onstage for a long time, having to be removed while still talking or after having been convinced that he should go in order to free up the stage.
Innamorati is also called the lovers with high status,In the plays everything revolves around the Lovers.These characters (always young in age)were present within commedia plays for the sole purpose of being in love with one another, and moreover with themselves. facing many obstacles, they will always be united by the end.
They have no mask but with heavy make up and fancy clothing(they are rich).they all wear what's the latest fashion,the lady's would wear sulk dresses with necklace which is gold or pearls.also changes costume several times during their act.the male sometimes dressed as young soldiers or cadets with Wigs.
Their movements are elegant and are not to be aimed towards parody. And over the top,they occasionally do courtly dances using two dance movements called "pas", and "swivel".The posture that the Lovers take on is that of strong pride. They point their toes while standing and pull up their chests.contacting with the ground and float across the ground rather than take steps. Their hand movements and gestures are also very characteristic of the buoyant movements that their feet take on. The movement of the Lovers should not be done in a way to make fun of them.
They are aware of the audience's presence, using the audiences to show themselves off and also to express their plight at not being able to obtain their love.or they may also call on an audience member for help or advice.

In Italian brighella' s name means brother or contention,in English it means "Fighty" or "Brawly".
He has a olive green half mask,look of preternatural lust and greed.with hook nose , thick lips and thick twirled mustache to give him a offensive the early days he would wear loose fitted white smock and pants with green trim and always have with him a batocio or a slap stick, or with a wooden sword. Later he wears a livery with a matching cape.
He's categorized as one of the zanni or servant,he often was portrayed as a member of the middle class.Brighella is adaptable to any circumstance. He is Really smart , he is often most cruel to those beneath him on the social ladder, he could go far to kill on occasion.
Brighella is a liar, he can make up a spur-of-the moment lie for any situation.he is good at what he does. If his plans fails it was mostly always out of luck.When he's a servant, he will either serve his master verily or look for every opportunity to ruin and take advantage.when he gains the biggest advantage for himself.He loves money, but spends a lot also he loves to drink. By doing that he has good qualities of saving his ability to entertain the audience.
Brighella walks bending from side to side when his head stays vertical. His knees stay open and the elbows bend down with each movement of the leg.
He speaks with the local accent. He could be very pliable of wordplay. He is an accomplished singer, dancer and musician, and could play the guitar on stage.
There is one scenario that still exist which is “The Fortunate Isabella”.by Flaminio Scala and the Gelosi troupe, published in A.D. 1611 and translated into English by Talia Felix in A.D. 2004.the scenario in there is Once upon a time in Genoa, a fellower named Cinthio, who was well born and well being left without a father or mother, lived with a single sister who was beauty and well mannered. the brother has became friends with a certain Captain, who desired nothing more than the chance to marry the sister,He discussed this carefully with his sister, and the sister agreed. Through a spoken agreement was made that they would marry. after that the Captain said that he had to go to Naples for an very important business, and he promised that he would come back and marry Isabella. But, after staying in Naples for three years, and he doesn't remember the promise he made, the brother begin to make a new match for his sister. In the place that she lived don't have anyone who would want to marry her so she made her decide to leave her hometown,and go along with her own servant to Rome, where she hoped to find the Captain, who was now trying to find himself a new fiancée. to Rome she went, only for the purpose of founding the Captain.when he was found him, she spoke to him and then, after afew adventures, found herself married to another person, to impress her brother. CHARACTERS OF THE COMEDY: ISABELLA, in habit of a servant BURATTINO, her servant CAPTAIN SPAVENTO ARLECCHINO, his servant CINTHIO, brother of Isabella PANTALONE, a Venetian FLAMINIA, his daughter GRAZIANO, a Doctor ORAZIO and FLAVIO, his sons PEDROLINO, an innkeeper FRANCESCHINA, his wife Location: Rome
La Fortunata Isabella
This scenario can be really common so in our play we could use the forgotten marriage and the trip to found the captain who is getting married.the part where he was trying to find the right person to marry and there was none could a scenario that our play could use if we are doing the scene like that.
The first stage had the stage in the center then surrounded by audience in a half circle because it doesn't take up too much space so it's set up easily,and that was the globe theater.the second and the third stage was in Rome which was fancy and in a proper place where the king or important people could go and watch the shape of the theater is also a half circle and around the the audience.its a really tall building because the sits go up.
Lazzi are gags or stock jokes which can be added to commedia dell'arte play or performance in order to ensure the comic action keeps pace. Usually the writers and actors would have lazzi memorized so that they know them when needed. This trick kept up in theater into the motion, and some film and TV writers still use stock jokes to enhance their work.
1.ACROBATIC lazzi:which was running around or leaping up and about the stage.for example;Lazzo of Unspilled Wine Startled, Arlecchino, holds a full glass of wine, and does a complete backward somersault without spilling the wine.
2.VIOLENT LAZZI: which was abusing each other and goes in to a fight for example;Revival Lazzo Woman pretends to faint or die. Zanni enters and suggests that the way to revive her is pull her hair or twist her limbs.

3.LANGUAGE LAZZI:Lazzo of Latin;The Doctor attempts to translate English words as if they are Latin (e.g. complaining he’s been attacked by “hoodla” instead of “hoodlums” or speaking of going “inside and exside.”)

4.FOOD LAZZI:everything around food that is funny.Tasting Lazzo;A zanni is cooking a pot of something for dinner. He continually seasons the dish, then tastes it, then adds more seasoning, tastes again, and this goes on until there is no food left in the pot.

Food lazzi

5.PROP LAZZI:using props through out the play to help them and the audience to understand or bad use of prop and break it.;Hat Lazzo;Male character is given a glance by female character. The look is so powerful that it causes his hat to fly off.




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