Juan Pounce de leon by Lejla jasarevic

Juan Ponce de leon was born 1474, in Santervas de Campos, castile (Spain) .He died in 1521 July in Havana, cuba.
As a young boy Juan Ponce De Leon he worked as a squire for a knight named, (Dan Pedro Nunez De Guzman) As a squire Juan helped the knight, he toke care of the nights horse, armor, and other things. When Juan got older the knight taught him how to fight, he toke part of a battle.
He sailed to Porter Rico in 1506, where he discovered gold and fertile. He toke a group of native Americans called the (Tainos)
He died July 1512 in Havana, Cuba. Juan Ponce De leon was 47 when he passed.
The legend has it that Juan Ponce De Leon was looking for the (Fountain of Youth) but there was little evidence that he was looking for the Fountain of Youth. They say that a sip of the water would make you younger. "Do you believe in the Fountain of Youth?"


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