The Magic Behind the Curtains Lea Markham

During the stressful and chaotic weeks leading up to a putting on a show, people often say that all the magic happens on stage. But that "magic" wouldn't be possible without an incredibly dedicated and hardworking cast and crew. In Nashoba’s most recent production of the musical Kiss Me, Kate!, countless hours were put in by many generous volunteers who worked non-stop building set pieces, creating costumes, organizing props, and perfecting songs and dances. The dedicated cast of 45 had became a close-knit group especially after spending nearly 50 hours just during tech week alone. My goal was to capture the energy and excitement backstage on show nights while cast members transform from ordinary high schoolers into stylish 1940's theatre folk. I focused on capturing genuine emotions through candid photos. I conveyed this idea through a color gradient meaning that each photo in the series gets progressively more colorful and saturated. This is to emphasize the notably more “colorful” moments that were filled with much excitement and anticipation to the inevitable bittersweet moments where cast mates came together as tears were shed.

Let The Magic Begin


It's Too Darn Hot

GEL-oo There!


Freshmen Friends

Buttons of Love

A Cast That Shines Brighter

Radiant Reds


Huge Hearts & Hugs

Black Tears

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