The Tulsa Happenings By: Maryam Rabiutheen


Tulsa Oklahoma--Dally Winston, 17 years old, has been shot down from police from first degree robbery. Police has stated that the suspect has been wanted in the past for numerous amounts of robbery and drug abuse. After to been reported from locals, Winston had burglarized a local groceries store. Immediately the suspect had been caught running out of the store. Owners frantically noted it to the police.

Upon the arrival of the police, they were familiar with the suspect. Police complained numerous of crimes. Some reports even show that Winston has started riots with minors. Endless amounts of police cars rallied behind the running adolescent, police halted at a stop. Finally, after what would seem like eternity Dally Winston stopped.

Police cars rallied up to Dally Winston, finally taking his life.

As the police got ready to arrest the suspect, the suspect had a new surprise in mind. The adolescent slowly pulled his hand from his pocket and reached out for a gun. Confident and eerily grinning aims the rifle directly to the police. Policemen had the wave of panic spread across them. Quick to wit-- one reached out for a rifle of their own. Police took down Winston within a couple of shots- still grinning. After inspection and interviewing to witnesses, it has been revealed that the gun was not armed. Witness and friends say he was absent-minded about aiming a gun at a police.

A letter from Miss Valence

Dear Tulsa Happenings,

I love your newspaper, I truly do. I love the weekly comics as well. It’s just something has been bothering me about the whole situation recently. It's just sorta hard for a high school student to be dealing with multiple deaths. I feel like I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night without telling the press and to clear some things up. Johnny Cade, he’s a hero. I mean, he was only protecting Ponyboy Curtis from Bob. That doesn’t mean Bob is bad either! Everyone thinks he is a menace. He get’s drunk, awfully drunk sometimes. He would be also very fond of his rings. He would see people like Johnny Cade and well, throw punches. He’s a nice guy! He seemed to radiate. A sweet and good kid once you get to know him. Those are all just stupid stereotypes. I grimace just thinking about it. You see, Johnny, Ponyboy, Bob, and others that go through stupid stereotypes all day are just normal kids who are all sweet.

"HE died a hero." says ponyboy curtis

A switchblade that Johnny Cade would always bring.

You don’t know how dang amazing he is. You don’t understand. He’s a hero or something better. Johnny Cade died at 14 years old. He was literally loved by everyone. I mean how could you not? Johnny was different from the rest. More puppy like. His family? They wanted nothing to do with him. They threw him away like yesterday's newspaper. He was completely detached to them. He ain’t garbage at all. Often the Soc’s would fight us because we were merely “greasers”. They kept taking it one step farther each time. They took it too far. They beat him. He couldn’t speak like he used to do. He couldn’t have the look of fright be taken away from him. Johnny now always took a switchblade with him. The Soc's struck once more. It was me this time. They tried to drown me, or kill me. You know what Johnny did? He stabbed the boy. Johnny would never kill anyone. We set to run off. You what he wanted to do? Turn himself in. A criminal would never do that. Dally didn’t let us. Soon afterwards, there was a fire. A fire in the church we stayed in. They were poor children in there. He saved them. He had the time of his life. He died a hero. He will stay a hero.

sunday comic and exclusive art

This artwork is very meaningful to the theme. It is showing that everyone sees the sunset. Soc’s and Greasers both live in the same world. Everyone deals with different problems in today's society. However, everyone goes through problems, even if it seems as if they are perfect. There is no two worlds. They both live in the world together. They both are facing problems, but they can do it together.

Weekly Comic


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