Cameras and Equipment By lauren murray

Camera Shake - Camera shake is the slight movement in a photograph causing it to be blurry and out of focus. Camera shake usually appears when the cameras shutter speed is too low (usually about 1/60 of a second).

How can camera shake be avoided? -

  • There are many ways you can avoid camera shake, you could use your body in many different ways to create more balance, you could tuck in your elbows, or crouch down and use your knees.
  • You could use a tripod. A tripod is typicaly used to stabilise and lift a camera or some sort of lighting equipment.
  • Also any solid stable non moving surface could be used as a tripod.

Flash - A pop-up flash is usually built into most cameras and is not considered to be a 'continuous source of light' as it is only on for a brief amount of seconds.

Continuous light -

  • Continuous lighting is any light that isn't on for a brief amount of time. Unlike the pop-up flash continuous light sources are usually on for long amounts of time, continuous light sources may be considered as street lamps, main room lights, lamps, and studio lights.
  • Painting with light and light trails are also forms of continuous light.

Reflectors - Reflectors in the photography world are usually used as an extra 'source of light' as it bounces any excess light back to any specified area the photographer may need. It is essentially used to fill in any hard to reach crevices that light might not normally reach.

Diffusers - A diffuser usually spreads the light from the flash of a camera. Which means the light will no longer come from just one main source,but will spread out and hit walls and ceilings therefore creating less harsh lighting and harsher shadows.


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