Shadowing a Freelance Photographer Danielle Addington

Why I Chose to Shadow a Freelance Photographer

  • My growing passion for photography.
  • Interested in learning more about freelance work.
  • Seeing if it's something I would want to do in the future.
My cousin Sadie, who is always willing to have her picture taken. This picture was taken before I started my project.

My Research Paper

  • My research paper covered the history of photography and how photography has effected society.
  • Learning about the history of photography opened my eye to how much photography has evolved.
  • Learning about the effects photography has on society gave me insight on how my photography could impact others.
  • Coolest resource was TIME's 100 Most Influential Photos.

My Mentor

Jill and I
  • My mentor was Jill Miller Woodie, she is a teacher and runs a photography business part-time.
  • Jill has been one of my teachers for two years now, and she also took my senior pictures.

My Project Hours

  • Photography class at Wilkes Art Gallery
  • Bridal Session
  • Pictures at Two Rivers Cinema
  • Wedding
Marquee letters spelling out MR & MRS at the wedding.

My Project Hours

  • To start off my hours, I took a photography class through the Wilkes Art Gallery to learn the basics on how to use my camera.
  • My first hours with Jill were at Gambill Farms for a bridal session.
  • I designed my blog and began posting.
Brendan at his baseball game.

My Project Hours

  • I shadowed Jill at Two Rivers Cinema to take photos of "young princesses".
  • I served as Jill's assistant at a wedding.
  • After completing my hours with Jill, I used everything I learned with her and in my photography class to take photos on prom day.
A picture of my corsage and dress.

My Final Product

  • For my final product, I created a blog.
  • I designed the blog and centered it around my learning process throughout my graduation project.
  • Featured on the blog is before, during, and after photos.
Screenshot of my blog that I created.

How I Spent My Time

  • I spent my time learning how to use my camera and the responsibilities that come with being a freelance photographer.
  • I also spent my time running a blog displaying my learning.
A Japanese arch in Disney World at sunset.

Lessons Learned

  • Photography could potentially be a great career path for me.
  • I really enjoy designing and running a blog.
  • Procrastination is not the way to go with such an important project as this.
  • I found a lifelong mentor with not just photography but in general.
  • Biggest Obstacle: My busy schedule
  • Biggest Success: Getting to see my progress from beginning to end of the project.
A lizard at Animal Kingdom in Disney World.

Thank You..

  • Thank you to my faculty adviser, Mrs. Cooper.
  • Thank you to my mentor, Jill Woodie.
  • Thank you to my English teacher, Ms. Hughes.
  • Thank you judges for being here to view my presentation.

Any Questions?

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