Sense of Self by david zhan

On the 5th of December in 2004, a child was born. This child would grow up to be a smart kid. But along the way, he will encounter bullies, get a ton of homework and play card games. So without further ado, let’s get started!

David was a smart kid. The only problem was that no other child in his school had respect for him at primary school. This was because he was as skinny as a stick, could barely lift 20 kilograms, rarely played any sport and he was constantly talking to Mr Mayne, the science teacher. David had a little sister that basically was in charge of the house.

During recess one week after David joined his new school (neutral bay public school) in year four, he saw some other year fours playing a card game. David went over to look out of curiosity, and found out that the card game was related to a TV show he watched every week (he would have watched it every day but it only aired at 10:30 AM). So over time, he spent more and more time watching them play, sometimes borrowing their cards, until he decided to get some for himself. This was one factor towards his unpopularity.

The next step was his Chinese name. the bullies found out about his Chinese name on David’s lunch order. Back then, he was rather sensitive about his Chinese name, so he would get rather angry when someone called him that. So the bullies, being bullies, started to call poor David that.

Those two factors made David the last person to be chosen for a team. After a year, the classes got changed, so the bullies (which were all in his class) got split in half. This made year five a whole lot more enjoyable. At least at school. On Sundays, David went to a tutoring class to improve his GA (General Ability). The classes were absolute torture. He was always glad the classes were over, loathing the people who founded the tutoring course.

In year six, the selective school assessment was at North Sydney Girls High School. David was sweating under the 1 tonne weight that was on his shoulders. The room was a classic test room, like the one used in the HSC. A semester later, something with his name on it arrived in the post. He just knew what it was. He opened the envelope and there, just as he expected, was his results. A quick read told him that he had gotten into manly selective! This made him leave all the bullies (they weren’t smart enough) because they were going to Mosman High School!

So here I am, as that little boy, telling my story. This was what happened in my life at Sydney. Now, how well have you remembered what I said, because it’s time for a Kahoot!

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