The Georgian Friday, 13 November 2020


I always look forward to the release of John Lewis' annual Christmas Advert. If you haven't watched it yet, do - it's a lovely reminder of the power of love (it's called 'Give a Little Love) and unity, something that has come to the fore during the COVID-19 crisis.

At St George's, we have focused on the power of unity and the strength of togetherness as we have - together - navigated our way through choppy and unpredictable waters since March. This is down to the incredible spirit that exists (and has done throughout its history) at St George's and the immensely strong relationships that exist within all those involved with the school: children, parents and families, and of course our staff who are the bedrock of these relationships.

November 13th marks 'World Kindness Day', and I have no doubt you will all be able to reflect on gestures of kindness, both given and received, that will have made a tremendous difference during this period. As we and many other schools mark 'Anti-Bullying Week' from Monday, we will reflect on the importance of unity in a different form: to stand up together to treat each other with respect, kindness and compassion.

As Monday's odd sock day seeks to demonstrate, we are all unique with different characteristics. What unites us is an individual and group understanding and celebration of other people's personality and outlook.

Padre Jonathan and I watched break time on Wednesday. After a period of silence as we observed, we looked at each other and commented on how well the children looked after each other, and what a sense of togetherness there was, amidst a whole range of personalities, characters and interests.

John Lewis' advert marks the beginnings of the festive season. I am sure they will not be alone in focusing on the power of unity and kindness as we reflect on the year past.

Taking a united stance against unkindness is powerful. Being united as a force for good creates something very special, and I thank all members of the school community for this over the past year.

Wishing you all a happy weekend.

William Goldsmith

Anti-Bullying Week

At St George’s we take bullying seriously and are looking forward to marking next week’s Anti-Bullying Week, with various activities across the whole school. The theme this year is United Against Bullying.

We start the week with Odd Sock Day (Years 4-8), a fun way to highlight that we are all unique on the first day of Anti-Bullying Week. Wear your odd socks on Monday and help raise awareness as we all unite against bullying. During the week there will be assemblies, PSHE lessons and role play to enjoy, talk and think about.

To reinforce the messages at home, have a look at this link and join us in being United Against Bullying.

If you would like to make a donation to support the important work of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, this can be given to form tutors or class teachers in the morning.

We are looking forward to the week and to sharing photos of all those wonderful odd socks!

Louise Squire

Assistant Head - Pastoral

Lead Designated Safeguarding Lead

Golden Tree and Celebration Assembly

Kindergarten Ladybirds

Theo: for his excellent suggestions about how we can be kind to one another.

Aarion is a very thoughtful boy and likes to help his friends and teachers around the classroom.

Kindergarten Bees

Clara has a delightful sense of humour. She enjoys listening to stories and especially enjoys the funny ones!

Max enjoys the company of his friends and spontaneously includes others in his games.

Reception E

Lex is on the Golden Tree because he is making such progress with his reading. He is now sounding out and blending his words. Amazing!

Christina is on the Golden Tree as she has been working so hard at learning her sounds and at writing her name. Keep it up Christina!

Ayoub is on the Golden Tree because he tried his hardest at everything he does. He works hard and plays well with his friends. He really enjoys school.

Reception P

Toby has been trying really hard with his reading. He recognises lots of words without sounding them out.

Saacha has been working hard with her letter formation. She forms her letters correctly and neatly.

Harriet: has been playing nicely with her friends, making sure everyone is included in games.

Rilke: has worked really hard at blending his sounds to read words. He is now able to read lots of words without sounding them out.


Zeth: for kindness towards his classmates and always helping his partner at this table.

Grace: for having and sharing her knowledge of World Wars and Remembrance Day. Thank you Grace.

William: for excellent effort in English lessons and working hard on his handwriting.


Amaury is on the Golden Tree for improved reading and for having an “I can do it” attitude to independent writing. Well done Amaury.

Zack is on the Golden Tree for writing a thoughtful and beautiful Remembrance Day prayer. Well done Zack.

Oscar: is on the Golden Tree for improved behaviour in class and for excellent Mental Maths. Well done Oscar.


Sanvir: for great discussion in RS and super work learning about Diwali this week.

Harry: for a wonderful improvement with his handwriting this week. He has tried so hard to form his letters neatly and carefully.

Freddie: for working so hard in the rehearsals of the Christmas play and for learning all his lines really well.


Youshay: for great work learning his lines for the Christmas play and delivering them clearly, with expression.

Sean: for working hard in Maths lessons and making good progress with his reading.

Henry for focusing well in lessons and taking care in the presentation of his work.


Coco: for working well on all English tasks and good reading.

Jamie: for working very well independently and much improved handwriting.


Jennifer has been very helpful and responsible, doing lots of jobs in the classroom this week.

Khalid is on the Golden Tree because he has been working more independently. The presentation of his work has also really improved.

Special Commendations

A special mention to ALL of 1JH for finishing their work!

Arthur G: for finishing his work independently.

Zack: for being resilient and finishing his nativity work.

Arthur J: for working independently on his presentation.

Daisy, Jojo, Eleanor, Humphrey, Jennifer, Anna and Coco: for excellent Google presentations.

Head Master's Commendations

Inara H, Sebastian M, Daniel W and Miles M: for excellent participation in Geography classwork.

Alex W, Bea A, Nefeli M, Ethan F-G and James E: for interesting work on Hurricane Katrina and flooding.

Alma S, Katie K, Edith R, Sarrinah MB, Andreas L, Isaac S, Millie W, William F, Sajan P, Paul R, Lara H and Sofia C: for designing a fantastic poster on the Titanic in History.

Wynnie B: for the enthusiasm she shows towards her History learning and for making a fantastic presentation AND a poster on the Titanic.

Miles J, Eleni S and Joanna H: for excellent writing based on the class reader Street Child.

Toby D: for fantastic Maths.

Sophie H, Freya S: for excellent use of speech marks in English.

Kimon L: for continued good effort in all areas.

Savannah K: for contributing well in English.

Benji S: for making consistent effort in class discussions in English.

Mason S: for trying hard with his English revision.

Bea A: for consistent effort in English.

Reya M: for excellent weekly spelling scores.

Katie K: for excellent effort in spreadsheet work.

Alma S: for excellent spreadsheet work with only one hand!

George S: for good Scratch work.

Nathan M: for always doing his best.

Savannah K: for working hard on her website.

Edith R: for excellent work in Maths.

Sienna L: for outstanding commitment in LAMDA, knowing her two pieces off by heart.

Spirit of St George's Awards

Joanna H and James C: for kindness and responsibility in undertaking their role as playground monitors.

Zaki B, Joshun G and Sophie H: for bringing enthusiasm, patience and leadership in Drama class work this week.


Views from the School this Week

On Wednesday morning, we remembered, albeit virtually, the ex-pupils of St George’s who have both given their lives and served on our behalf. Under normal circumstances and without the restrictions of the lockdown we would have marked the day with a moving service in St George’s Chapel. This year the Year 7 and Year 8 pupils marked the occasion by making this video.

All the children in Pre Prep marked their Remembrance Day with some bright and colourful poppy artwork.

This week the Ladybird children have been exploring the sense of hearing. They have also set off balloon rockets and created beautiful artwork to celebrate Diwali and mark Remembrance Day.

The Bee class were very busy making things to celebrate Remembrance Day. They made a variety of poppies and iced poppy biscuits. They were delicious! They have been learning about Diwali and made clay diva lamps and chocolate firecracker biscuits. They had fun acting out the story of Rama and Sita.

Mrs Barlow showed the children in the Kindergarten how to practise ball control.

The children in Reception loved sharing their favourite books with their friends. They were full of energy their Games lesson outside and learnt lots of new ball skills.

It's been a busy and happy week in Year 1. The children in 1JH presented their adventures and exploration over half term to the class.

Year 2 have been hearing about Diwali in RS and made and decorated some Diwali lamps. They learnt that during Divali the lamps are placed around the home and in gardens to remember how Rama and Sita were welcomed home.

In Science, 3CH pupils investigated basic forces: twisting, pushing and pulling. They dropped leaves to see the effect of gravity. They enjoyed collaborative work by helping their friends complete some artwork. They took great care in painting their Ancient Egyptian death mask with metallic paints.

This week 3ML children have been drawing treasure islands as part of their work on co-ordinates and have been working hard on English comprehension. They painted their Ancient Egyptian death masks and in Science they tested objects to see if they were magnetic.

The Year 3 girls enjoyed their hockey lesson on Wednesday morning.

Year 4 carried out an investigation in Science today and they found out that by using a wire, a bulb, a switch and a battery, the bulb lit up because there was a complete series circuit. In Geography, they have written a formal letter to the base at Antarctica, sending a list of questions about life in Antarctica and some illustrations of how they imagined life in that part of the world.

In Maths, Year 5 worked in small groups to explore Old Bank House looking for perpendicular and parallel lines. They then uploaded their photos and made them into a collage using the PicCollage App.

During a busy week of assessments, Year 6 let off some steam playing lacrosse on the wide open space of Home Park Private. Once the assessments were over, they were set the task in Maths of uncovering the Mystery of the Bonfire Banger Bandit, in which they used their mathematical knowledge and skills to solve the clues and uncover who the hotdog thief was!

The Years 7 and 8 girls had their games lessons in the gym and inside the marquee last Friday; there were some really competitive games of table tennis and spike ball!

Once again St George's were pleased to support this year's BBC Children In Need Appeal. There were lots of spots and Pudsey onesies in evidence around the school, and everyone had hot chocolate or a milk shake as a treat.

Other News and Reminders


In a previous newsletter, I mentioned that Mars was reaching its closest approach to the Earth on October 6th and it was a wonderful sight. The good news is that Mars is still visible in the night sky along with Saturn and Jupiter. Next week, 14 – 22 November, is National Astronomy Week and we are being encouraged to look at the night sky and see this group of planets, which are clearly visible about an hour after the Sun has set. Below a link to the official website which has lots of interesting events and seminars which you and your family may be interested in watching. There is also a short video which explains where to look in the sky to see not only the planets but several of the constellations associated with this time of year. I do hope you will take a moment to marvel at the wonders of the universe and if possible, share them with your family.

This video shows what's up in the sky during NAW, including the planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, major constellations and deep-sky objects visible with binoculars.


We would like the pupils from every house to design a piece of art based on their House ship: HMS Victory, HMS Revenge, HMS Rodney or HMS Vindictive. Photos of these ships can be found on Google and could provide a source of inspiration. The judges will be looking for designs that are creative, innovative and imaginative, and the work can be completed at home, whether it is a pencil drawing, a painting, a chalk drawing, a model, a sculpture, a nature model, a Lego model or any other creative idea.

Once the piece of art is complete, it should be handed in to the pupil's Head of House, Class Teacher or Form Tutor. There will be an overall winner from the Prep school and from Pre-Prep, but there will also be individual House winners and runners-up. This will be a great competition and we look forward immensely to receiving entries in the coming weeks. The closing date is Friday, 4 December.


We are delighted to announce the safe arrival of Catherine and William Goldsmith's third little boy, Hamish, at approximately 4pm yesterday afternoon!


Galadriel and Gollum the Science geckos have produced a new pair of eggs, which will hopefully hatch within the next five weeks.


The Prep School's visiting speaker this week was the one and only 'Eddy The Eagle' Edwards, who talked to the children about his career as a ski jumper, representing Team GB at the 1988 Olympics and overcoming challenges.

Wishing the following pupils a very...

Tai A, Harry W, Saacha T, Humphrey G, Julia J, Leonardo DZZ, Elliott B, Robin M and Alma S.