Tour of the Harn By Emily Sabas

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist:

Upon entering the first exhibition room of the Harn, I locked eyes with this tribal man. Seeing this life sized figure staring at me helped me realize that these works of art are inspired by real people and civilizations. This art is not from a fairy tale land, but the real world and gave me a glimpse back in time. Being face to face with this figure helped me better understand the african tribes and appreciate the artists rawness.

To see a life sized 3D figure is very striking and humbling. The clothes that the figure was wearing was likely authentic to what a tribal member would wear. A life sized figure seems to breathe more life into the work.

To me, this piece commmunicated the innocents of the tribal people. It conveys their steadiness in keeping with their traditions and displays their lack of concern for other invading cultures to alter their culture. However, the statue does show fear, possible of the 'white man' in the figures eyes.

The artwork made me feel scared for the tribal man. He seemed startled or scared, but also innocent and unaware of impending evil.

Design of the Museum:

One of the exhibit rooms in the museum, near the back of the building, has a large window wall that displayed a garden. I really enjoyed the appeal of this room. The art pieces in this room were large and most were made from nature or had nature influences on it. So displaying the art pieces in a room that allowed nature in was very appealing in my opinion and made the artworks more interesting.

The natural lighting of this room was refreshing and provided me with the energy and alertness I needed to continue with the tour.

There was also a lot of open space in this room making it feel airy, light, and free. Which was enjoyable. This exhibit connects the natural environment to human flourishment/expression and makes me feel harmonized.

Art and Core Values:

One core value I always try to prioritize is my inner peace and well being. I believe that nothing is worth loosing peace because without inner peace you are left unhappy. This small statue of the Seated Buddha is a great visual representation of taking time to meditate on your thoughts and life to focus on developing and establishing a strong inner peace within oneself. The face of the Buddha is very calm, peaceful, content looking, and (sort of) all knowing. These are the characteristics I strive for.

The Seated Buddha brings emotions of yearning to learn, but also helps to relieve some of the stress of my daily life by putting everything into perspective.

This artworks helps me better understand inner peace because it expresses that the way to happiness is through finding peace. And that other monetary or tangible things and problems are insignificant in the grand scheme. Find inner peace, and everything else will fall into place.

Art and the Good Life:

One very popular exhibition at the Harn is the Guerrilla Girls exhibition. One of the pieces in their right now is titled 'The Advantages Of Being A Woman Artist.' This piece is sarcastic and ironic and actual expresses the disadvantage of being a woman artist and exposes gender inequality in the art world. The artist of this piece is fighting for the good life through her art. She is using her art to bring awareness of social injustice.

The good life theme depicted in this art is fighting for the good life.

This work communicates the theme of fighting for the good life because it brings attention to the ridiculousness of the injustice and inequality women artists experience. It is a commentary that mocks the current state of the women in the art world. This is a way of fighting against ignorance and sexism which are enemies to the good life.

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