Three Periods of English By: Taylor Fabing

Anglo- Saxon, Old English- Clues for identifying Anglo- Saxon/ Old English words-Numbers, basic color words, body parts, names of farms, forest, ocean animals, short everyday common words, words with "gh", "ck", "k", "kn-gn", "tw", "wr", "ch", etc.

Latin Words, Middle English-Clues to identify- 3-5 syllable words, words with ct, pt, ti, ci, tion, ssion, tu, du, silent h, lar, j beginning words, legal terms, ce- "s" sound words, sc- "s" sound words.

Greek words, Modern English- clues to identify- words with Ph, and Ch. Long words with letter K, Th long words, words with Y in the middle, track sport words, theater words, RH words, ology "the study of" words, and silent P words.

It's valuable for my students to learn this because it can help them distinguish the importance of the words, and where they came from.

Some of the ways I plan on teaching my students about word orgins are through different activities. The activities can be to categorize the words into the correct categories which will include all 3 periods of english. I will also show videos on the 3 different types of words to help the students understand them better. To make the lessons more fun I will create games for the students to play that will help them memorize the clues for each period.

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