101 Tips for Marrying the Right Person Session Four: So you’ve found the person you want to marry

Discussion Questions:

1. Could not agreeing on the number of children you want to have be a deal breaker? (Tip 64)

2. What do you know about Natural Family Planning (NFP)? Do you believe it works? Is it more or less effective than contraception? What reasons would you not want to have a baby at a particular time? (Tip 65)

3. Finances is one of the major issues that can sometimes ruin a marriage. Why do you think that is? How could it be avoided? (Tip 68)

4. What are the pros and cons of prenuptial agreements? Should they be made? Why or why not? (Tip 74)

5. What age is too young to get married? When do you think you reach full maturity? Is that important? (Tip 93)

6. Do you think you need to have all your financial ducks in a row before you get married? How financially secure should you be? (Tip 94)

7. Is a church marriage preparation program necessary? How seriously should it be taken? (Tip 95)

Personal Reflection:

1. How many kids do I want? How about my significant other? Have we talked about this? (Tip 64)

2. How am I at managing money? How about my significant other? Are we in agreement on this issue? Do I foresee any potential problems in this area? (Tip 68)

3. What are our financial backgrounds? If we have differing backgrounds, has this caused any tension? Do we have the same expectations for our future livelihood together? (Tip 69)

4. This isn’t a deal-breaker, necessarily, but do we get along with each other’s parents? Have we talked about how much time we expect to spend with each other’s parents? Is it an amount we’re both happy with? Note: Men sometimes have a hard time choosing their wives over their mothers. This can cause stress and tension. If you’re a woman, is he a Momma’s Boy? Does he understand that once you’re married, you come first? Men: Remember that your future wife will be the center of your world. Cut the cord with Mom if necessary and save yourself a lot of future drama between the two most important women in your life. Be sure Mom understands your priorities. (Tip 71)

5. Have we talked about a prenup? Does either of us want one? If so, why? Do we need one? Why? (Tip 74)

6. Have my significant other and I talked about our financial situation? Is it secure enough? What do we each consider enough financial security for marriage? (Tip 94)

7. If I’m engaged, what am I more focused on, the wedding, or the marriage? Do I have my priorities in proper focus? (Tip 97)

8. Do my beloved and I work together well? Are we teammates, or is one of us an overbearing ruler? Is it me? Do I need to loosen up? Is it the other person? Am I okay with that? (Tip 98)

9. Do I feel at peace in my decision to marry this person? (Tip 101)

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