Female Freshman Weight Gain Sadie Plyler

"I gained how much weight?!"

There is so much chatter about weight gain during freshman year of college, yet no one seems to pay much attention to it until after it becomes an issue.

Buffet style eating, late night junk food, and bad sleep schedules can play such a large role in weight gain....

Students often hear jokes about the "freshman 15" before headed to college, but it is not a joke! Freshman weight gain is a real issue, especially amongst women. The average woman gains 2-4 lbs in her first semester.

Weight gain can give women a complex, which leads to body comparison to other women. This is a vicious cycle which can continue to worsen the situation, rather than help it.

Women tend to define their "body goals" by the number they see on the scale, however, being in a enviroment which can make building a healthy diet difficult, it is important for women to be concious of the food they are opting to eat. This will help them to lose weight and to be able to feel happy about the number they see before them.

When healthy eating becomes a daily habit and the addiction to processed, sugary foods breaks, female freshman will feel more energized, alert, and overall healthier.

Taking the proper precautions to weight gain can help to create healthy life patterns which will benefit women for their entire lives. Having good eating habits will establish long term health.
Eating out of the main food groups, eliminating sugar, and watching the abundacne of food consumed are all beneficial ways to monitor weight in the lives of female freshman.

Thank you :)


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