Christmas Party Held aT the JN Long Art Center

2018 is winding down. However 2018 was a great year. We have a great group in our club and the photography that was present for the monthly competition was outstanding. It seems that our works improves each year. There is some awesome talent in the club. And we would look to add more. While our photographers work hard submitting quality images for the monthly competition, we do also like to have fun. That's why in December, we set aside our cameras for one night and come together with members of the Art Guild and Writers Guild for a evening of food, fun and commardreity.

Each year prizes and praise is given to a select few before the fun begins.

After stuffing our bellies with scrumpous food and good conservation; after handed out yearly prizes and praise, it is time to have some fun. It is time to open some gifts. This year we tried a new gift exchange game.

With a toss of a dice, or is that die, fate determined whether we swap gifts with people to the left or right. Sometime we able to steal. Yes, stealing is acceptable as long it's in good fun.

Didn’t catch that die roll? Maybe this will help.

To the left, to the right, switch with someone wearing red...or was it green? New rules to a new game. Doesn't really matter, it was fun and stress free.

So if you like what you see; if you want to join in fun, why not visit the JN Long Art Center and join a club...or three.

The Cleburne Camera Club wishes all its members, viewers and fans a safe and happy holiday season. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and we hope to see you at our first meeting of the new year. Our first meeting is January 7, 2019. For more information and directions to where we meet, please visit www.cleburnecameraclub.com


Photo and video credits by Denise Ollman

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