Naturally Looking for the Good Life Glenda Gomero

Butterfly Rainforest

Nature on display: The Butterfly Rainforest was the exhibit in the Florida Museum of Natural History that was the most intriguing because one could interact with nature. The butterflies fly around those walking in the butterfly rainforest and so those walking can see the butterflies and the different patterns that they have as well as how they may eat. This exhibit caught my attention because of the way that it allowed you to interact with the butterflies. Many museums have different exhibits where people are not allowed to touch anything but this exhibit was particularly interesting because the butterflies could land on you and you could touch the butterflies as long as you were not harming them. I learned how delicate things in nature are and the importance and beauty that nature is. Different mediums of art may not have had as much of an impact when expressing the butterflies and their way of living. I found viewing and experiencing the museum and the different works that existed in it, made this experience incredibly enjoyable.

Calusa exhibit

This exhibit put great importance on land and the resources that are available on earth. Land is incredibly important and we must not take advantage of it because it provides us with so much more than we can ever provide back. The museum had several different exhibits in which different tribes/groups of people would utilize the land to get everything they needed. A major component in which land is important is in acquiring food. Other people were also expresing interest in the exhibits because it is interesting to see how people in the past used the land to their advantage. The exhibits were three dimensional and so it could be taken into perspective the different situations that the people of the past of different areas were in. The museum made my ethical responsibility to care for the land more prominent as Leopold had imagined.

Fossil exhibit

In this exhibit, the past was really highlighted. There are many mysteries in the world and we as humans to not even know the half of them. There are fossils that we have discovered but we never really know that we have discovered everything because of all the natures that the world has to offer. We do not understand everything about the world and we never fully will because that is the beauty of the world, there is always another mystery waiting to be solved.

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