pop-art By:victor vanegas chavez

Yesterday we sketched our pop art from the artists that we chose and we had to sketch our own ideas or what inspired us from the artist. we choose the three sketches that we made for that inspired us from the artist that we choose.

March 20th last class we were working on our sketches and choosing the sketches we wanted to use. out of the six sketches we choose the three sketches we wanted to use. One of those three we had to use for our cover .

yesterday we sketched out the cover of the pop art book and now we have to color it out. once the cover is done being colored by color pencil, marker, paint. we have to cut it in half then put a board on it.

yesterday we are coloring our covers with colors we want when we finished you had to cut it in half and once it was cut you had to get two boards and put it on the cover and glue it.

once the cover was finished what you had to do was turn it in. then you grab a big blank sheet of paper. Then you draw out the other two sketches that you choose that are wanted to be use in the pop out book. then you have to color it.

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