Logical Fallacies Kailyn Evans & EVans

1. Argument to the Person (Ad Hominem)

Definition- An attack on the person proposing and argument rather than the argument itself.

Johnathan should not be able to speak, due to his past criminal record.

'She should not be aloud to run and, just in that respect, I say it's rigged." -Donald Trump

2. Either... Or Fallacy

Definition- The suggestion that only two alternatives exist when in fact there are more.

You can either go to McDonalds or Burger King to get the best burgers.

If we do not protect our country, we will be taken over.

3. False Cause (Coincidence vs. Casualty)

Definition- Assuming because one event follows another, the first event caused the second one.

After Phoenix became well known, the amount of fights in school have decreased greatly.

Kelly worked outside for 3 hours yesterday and woke up this morning with a cold.

4. Bandwagon Appeal

Definition- A claim that an idea should be accepted because a large number of people accept it.

If 10 million people use proactive how could they all be wrong.

Everyone in my class supports Donald Trump so I do as well.

5. Force & Fear (Ad Baculum)

Definition- Forcing or intimidating someone into doing something.

If you do not purchase my firearms you will be unable to protect your family.

"Anyone who votes for me will be successful."

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