Ux fundamentals Winter term 2016

Class objectives

In UX Design Fundamentals we learned to identify, group and balance the key elements of the user experience through observation, discussion and collaborative exercises of professionally relevant online, mobile, and physical case studies through sketching, wireframing, and other methods. The course prepared us for presenting and discussing the design of interactive products and services in a professional environment.

Case Study

I did my case study on the VSCO app.


VSCO has tired to buck the trends that many other photo editing apps employ. It doesn’t want to be like other filtering tools where the users are trying to get as many likes and followers as possible. It dose these things by eliminating communication between users and using very unique navigation. VSCO has created an app that is different for difference sake. These differences have created a difficult and confusing experience.


User Reviews

In order to discover what users liked and disliked about VSCO and improve its ability to bring people together to create, discover and connect; I researched user reviews. see more

App Audit

I needed to find the issues within the app. This involved doing an audit of it. I chose three critical paths. These are paths a user would need to be able to navigate in order for the app to be successful. see more


After I did all my initial research I created a prototype for a redesigned app. see more


In conclusion the navigation of the app needed some minor changes, and the community aspect of the app presented a deeper issue that required more thought and research. see more

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