Tattoos on the Heart By Jj edwards

Father G and the homeboys

Fr.G saw a young boy who was covered in tattoos on his face and arms. The boy said his name was Grumpy. Fr.G offered him a card to get his tattoos taken off for free. The boy didn't take it and started to freak out at him. About 5 months later there were some free Lakers tickets. Fr.G went with some of his boys. When going to his seat he was greeted by a couple of vatos. They all shook his hand except for the last one, Grumpy. Grumpy hugged him and asked him if he could get his tattoos off now. Father G was pleased to go them removed.
Fr. G was sitting in his office when he heard firecrackers go off. He ran to th kitchen where the sounds were coming from. What he saw was Danny and Candy in a quarrel. Fr.G stayed calm and took Danny outside to talk with him. Danny proclaimed “I DID’NT DID IT!” but father G remained calm and asked him how he was doing. Danny had not eaten that day so Fr.G gave him $5 to go eat.
Jason was someone who had never stopped by in Fr.G’s office. But one day he surprisingly showed up there. He was unordinarily quiet and humble in the face. He wanted a job. So Fr.G sent him to one of the job developers and later that day he stopped in and said “I GOT THE JOB!” From that day on he changed himself to be a hard worker. A week later he was gunned down in a drive by. Fr.G looked to the gospel for comfort. He realized that God was showing him that He is the light of the world.

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