Roll of Thunder colter alves p.4

Jim crow


In most places before the civil rights movement african americans were not allowed to enter through the same door as whites. If they did not obey this they would be most likel beaten or worse. As well as this Blacks were not allowed to sit next to whites on a dining train unless their was a curtan sepreating them. These colored tables only made exceptions to African american nannies accompanying a white child or elder.

Racial eTiquiTte

African Americans in America had a strict code when talking to whites in America. African Americans were to refer to whites with the title of Mr and Mrs. White men liked to be called boss or cap'n. Not only did blacks have to speak to the white as if they were superior, but whites would often call them as boy or uncle without referring to their real name. White folks would also use the horrible term "nigger" a very offensive word that often would appear in society back in the early 1900.

The great depression

The great depression was the worst stock market crash in american history. This stock market crash lead to terrible economic depression. While the nation was enjoying its manufacturing boom in the "roaring twenties" the stock market suddenly crashed around October of 1929. During this time many people lost their jobs and were forced into unemployed. and In the book Roll of thunder, the Logan family have a cotton farm, but because of this terrible era of depression the price off cotton was reduced. It was especially hard for the loans because the declining prices for landowning farmers.

Abolishment of slavery

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln the 16th president of the united states issued the emancipation proclamation. This was the 13th amendment in the constitution and it states that all previous slaves in the united states we now completely free. As he states "All persons held as slaves any state in rebellion against the united states shall be forever free..." Lincoln declared all people to be free, although this is not what completely happened for African americans were still segregated and did not have the same rights as the rest of the whites in America until about 50 years ago. In the Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry it states "For him to believe that he is better than we are makes him think that he is important, simply because he is white" (Taylor 392). This is what a lot of people used to think back then and for some, still to this day.

"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction." -The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America"


Lynching is the process of killing someone, usually hung, without having any legal trial. Linching occured a lot during the end of the civil war. Mobs of whites would watch as they hung the free African Americans. This is what was about to occur to TJ when the white folks of the town thought he murdered Mr Barnett. In Roll of Tunder Papa says “If I don’t, they’ll hang TJ." he was afraid if he didn't act soon TJ would be lynched by the white men.(Taylor 762)

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