A Vision for 2020

Impacting Southeast Fort Wayne and Beyond

Welcome to BLESS 2020—we're so glad you're here! Throughout the year, you can use this page as your source for information and encouragement as you partner with us. Right now we've got everything you need to learn more and get started on your journey, and we'll be adding new things all year long. Be sure to check back regularly to stay updated!

1. Learn More

BLESS Overview

In 2020, we believe we can impact 2,020 neighbors in our communities by being a blessing and helping them flourish in Christ. We can do this with the help of an initiative called BLESS:

  • Begin with Prayer
  • Listen with Care
  • Eat Together
  • Serve in Love
  • Share Your Story

Throughout the year, we encourage you to get to know your neighbors and bless them with the love of Christ. This is an amazing opportunity for us to put into action Jesus' command to love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:39).

Take a look at this overview from a church in Muncie who is already following the initiative with great results...

The What

We, the Fellowship body, will impact 2,020 neighbors over the over the next 52 weeks if 500 people at Fellowship commit to BLESS at least 4 neighbors. Our year goal is to practice being a blessing to our neighbors and help them flourish in Jesus.

The Where

Your choice—your neighborhood or Fellowship’s! Most will choose to BLESS their own neighborhood. However, we are also looking for a smaller group of 100 people to adopt and BLESS the Pettit Rudisill Neighborhood as our collective neighborhood. Some may choose to do both. We all have different living situations. Some are in apartments or condos, others are rural, urban or suburban. Whatever your situation, we invite you to go on this journey together as we learn to BLESS our neighbors.

The How

BLESS stands for a simple 5-step Gospel strategy to help your neighbors flourish In Jesus.

  1. Begin with Prayer.
  2. Listen with Care.
  3. Eat Together.
  4. Serve in Love.
  5. Share your Story.

Boiled down, it’s an everyday missionary lifestyle that any disciple can easily learn to live. Once you commit, you’ll be equipped with helpful, easy to use tools and training that will build your confidence to BLESS your neighbors.

The When

This adventure begins January 2020. BLESS will be our collective focus for the entire year. The cold winter months will be hot with prayer and give way to warm weather relationship building.

The Why

We are called to reduce lostness among our neighbors and see them flourish in Jesus.

2. Get Started

There are two ways you can partner with us this year:

a. Sign Up in Your Own Neighborhood

To begin praying for those in your own neighborhood, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to fmc.church/bless and click Sign Up (it’s free).
  2. Watch the quickstart video on your Dashboard to learn how to use the site.
  3. Begin praying for your neighbors using the feature of this website to help stay focused.


b. Sign Up in the Pettit-Rudisill neighborhood

Because of our added focus on the Pettit-Rudisill neighborhood in Southeast Fort Wayne, we're looking for a smaller group of 100 people to adopt and BLESS this area as our collective neighborhood. If you live in this neighborhood already, just sign up in the previous step. If not, sign up below, and follow the prompts. We'll assign a block of houses to you.

Out of your list of homes, our prayer is that the Spirit will lead you to 4 households that you can BLESS throughout this next year. If 500 people at Fellowship commit to BLESS just 4 neighbors each, we can achieve our goal, and see powerful Kingdom impact in our communities!

If you have any questions, please direct them to Geoff at gking@fmcfw.org.

3. Be Informed

Download the Digital Pocket Guide for instructions and support!

4. Stay Encouraged

We're all in this together. That's why it's so important for us to encourage one another throughout this journey! We need stories—your stories—to spur each other on and show everyone how God is working.

Take a look at this video from Emma Ervin:

Check back regularly to be encouraged and inspired by more BLESS 2020 stories.

What's Your 2020?

Share your journey with us and others by recording the God moments in your BLESS 2020 story throughout the year. You can share your "My2020" videos with us by emailing us at info@fmcfw.org, or by tagging us (@fmcfw) on social media. If you aren't able to record your own, we'll record it for you! Just contact us to set up a time, and we'll shoot a low-pressure video of you sharing what's on your heart.

We want to feature these stories regularly, so don't hesitate to share yours!