1st steps to Physical Theripast Ty d.

I chose a physical therapist because i like helping people and making them better than before. Some skills needed are active listening, reading comprehension, and speaking. Honestly I am very good at all of them especially active listening.. i like writing about story that happened to me and things that like so i can write and be very descriptive. i would have to be good at active listening because that is what is highly needed as a skill after high school you need to be level 6 at it.

in high school i could take advanced reading and writing classes and be very good at that. it would help. i would definitively have to take health class. The average yearly salary is $84,020 and monthly is $7001.67. In college i would have to take Anatomy / A&P 1 with lab.Physiology / A&P 2 with lab.Biology 1 (not botany or zoology)Biology 2 (not botany or zoology)General Chemistry 1 with lab.General Chemistry 2 with lab.General Physics 1 with lab.General Physics 2 with lab.

16850 people applied last year and only 9724 were allowed to come. I would love to play baseball there or football. it cost 40000- 50000.


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