Throughout the halls of Jeffersonville High School, there are stories of successes, failures, and all of the struggles in between.

As students grow up, it is the adults in our lives that constantly preach about staying true to yourself, doing what makes you happy, and following your dreams.

At Jeffersonville High School, sophomore Ali Wasdovich is doing just that.

On a daily basis, Wasdovich balances Honors and AP classes, being the lead role in the Jeff High theatre department’s winter show, “The Wizard of Oz,” marching band during the first semester of school, and acting on the side -- all while being a straight-A student.

She moved from Indianapolis to Jeffersonville when she was only two in 2003. However before she moved, she got the break of a lifetime.

Her acting career kicked off when she appeared in a commercial for the Indianapolis Children’s Museum with her older brother at the age of three.

“I don’t really remember the experience that well since I was so young,” Wasdovich said of her first role. “Looking back on it, I see how it really was the start of my career in acting.”

In the seventh grade, Wasdovich started with Heyman Talent Agency. With the agency, she gets auditions for shows, movies, and commercials. Sometimes the producers of the show or movie comes to the agency and hand picks people to audition.

Her biggest role yet came in November 2015, when she got a call back for a real Hollywood movie, Dog Eat Dog. The movie, which includes actors Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe, is about a mob boss, the kidnapping of a baby, and a very large ransom. Wasdovich never really knew she got the part until she found herself following the director, Paul Schrader, to get fitted for the role while in Ohio, where the movie was filmed.

“I immediately turned to my mom and was so confused because he never really said I got the part. He assumed I already knew it,” Wasdovich said. “It was so exciting and amazing.”

The movie released on Nov. 4, 2016, and is currently available to stream on Netflix.

This year, Wasdovich is taking on a bigger role at JHS, as well as in her community. She performed in her first Jeffersonville High School Theatre show, “The Wizard of Oz.” She’s took on the lead role as Dorothy, which was a huge accomplishment.

However for Wasdovich, that accomplishment also brings with it nerves, excitement, and the occasional stress.

“Being Dorothy was so much fun. There were moments when it was very stressful, but I worked through it. The magic of the show really started to show,” Wasdovich said.

With all the stress the young actress feels at times, the question of why she does it all might come to mind.

“Acting makes me feel free,” said Wasdovich. “As weird as that may sound, it really does. When acting you have to leave your life and go into someone else’s, which is always super cool, because you become a completely different person within seconds.”

Getting new auditions is always an exciting time, too. When getting a new audition, she tries to look at it as a “brand new opportunity for improvement.”

For Wasdovich, each audition is different, and teaches her something new.

“When I get auditions from the acting agency it always makes me feel happy. Each audition is so different and can teach me something new,” said Wasdovich.

When it comes to Wasdovich as a person, there’s no dull moment. Outside of acting she loves being with her friends, family, or her cat.

When asked to describe her, best friend Kaylee Estrada summed it up best.

“She is the one person everyone needs in their life: funny, kind, and always ready for something new,” Estrada said.

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