Digital Citenship Emma Brooks

Ask yourself, "Would I say this to someone's face?" OR, "Would I want this said about me?" If the answer is no, then DON'T POST IT!!
Don't be vain or narcissistic! Don't brag about what you have or about your perfect life. If it's braggy, delete it!!
"I have a huge rash that won't go away!" or "I ate too much and I feel fat!" No one wants to know that!!
Don't post every single one of your problems on social medias. No one really wants o know about every detail of your life. examples: #pizzaparty #showertime #bestpartyofmylife
Whether you go out with friends or on a date with your guy, don't post about every. single. picture. you take with your friends when you go out.
you cannot leave a cliffhanger on Facebook, Instagram, ect. and always want attention from people asking about it! Just tell the whole story or don't tell it at all.
do you really need concern or pity because it's snowing and you can't go get the mail? or that you can't go to the mall? NO!
This applies to your content of photos, also. People see everything you post and even once you delete them, they're still out there. Your future may be affected by the content of your photos.
The world is full of weirdos and creeps. Make your account private and protect yourself. You never know who could be stalking your account secretly.
God gave you an amazing brain! you should use it!! So, an example of using your brain could be posting smart. Post things your grandma would be overjoyed to see :))

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