Sin Eater P.K. Tyler & Jessica West

From USA Today best-selling author P.K. Tyler and speculative fiction author Jessica West comes a dark urban fantasy novel about evil and the next step in its evolution.

A Sin Eater who battles demons for souls. A priest who must protect that which he desires most, even from himself. A rogue Romani mortician with an attitude, a secret, and a powerful weapon. And a secret Order of the Church who knows more than they're saying...

Nikolai Grekh is the last Sin Eater.

Born into a world rampant with demon possession, Nik struggles to keep Hell's hordes from consuming the world, but he grows weary of the constant battle against sin. Evil grows stronger as more souls are lost. With each new possession growing increasingly violent, Nik fears he may be losing the war.

When Nik confronts a demon he can barely defeat, he reaches out to the only man who can save him. The only man he trusts. A man he has avoided for years, and for good reason.

Evil has resided alongside humanity since the beginning of time, feeding on our weaknesses, our vices. Our sins. It hungers for our souls, it's demonic offspring possessing humans, corrupting, manipulating, using us as unwitting pawns in a supernatural chess match for the ultimate prize: life.

The crucifixion of Christ saved humanity once. What will it take to save us this time?

Sin Eater: Dark Urban Fantasy

Print Length: 430 pages


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