Digital Citizenship by MIKAELA jOLIE cAMPOS

The collage above describes the element DIGITAL ACCESS which means full electronic participation in society.

This video is by: Rbc Young Leaders

The image on the left is describing DIGITAL COMMUNICATION which means electronic exchange of information. The image on the right is describing DIGITAL LITERACY which means the process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology.
The collage describes DIGITAL LAW which means electronic responsibility for deeds and actions.

This video is by: Marissa Webner

The image above is describing DIGITAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS which means physical and psychology well-being in a digital technology world. The image on the right is describing DIGITAL SECURITY which means electronic precautions to guarantee safety.

This video is by: Mikaela Campos, Clarissa Ramos, Kayla Prado, & Susan Hernandez

Created By
Mikaela Campos


Created with images by bykst - "digital networked networking"

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