James Cook Born on October 27, 1728

James Cook's Famous Ship, Evdeavour


Country of Origin is Yorkshire, England. In 1768, James Cook was chose to lead a ship called Evdeavour to go to Tahiti to help an old scientific group. In 1772, James Cook lead Evdeavour and his crew to find the fabled Southern Continent. In 1776, James Cook went to find the fabled Northwest Passage with his trusty ship, Evdeavour. 85 sailors and nine scientists came along too.



James Cook went on 3 quest, one was to go to Tahiti to help the scientific group determine the distance between Earth and the Sun, the second one was to find the fabled Southern Continent, and lastly, he went to find the Northwest Passage.


James Cook had many obstacles. A couple of them was the Great Barrier Reef, bad weather, and Natives Americans. His's crew and him was almost shipwrecked at the Great Barrier Reef!

This is the Great Barrier Reef that Evdeavour was almost shipwrecked.


Even though there was many obstacles, the great Captain James Cook accomplish many many wonderful things. For one thing, Cook manged to keep his crew healthy for nearly three years! And James and his crew was the first Europeans to land in Australia! This captain sailed around the world twice and once in a leaky boat!

Landing in Australia

One Fun Fact About James Cook

One cool fact about James Cook is that he was killed in a heated battle with the Hawaiian Natives on Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii, on February 14, 1779.

Hawaiian war

Character Traits

James Cook is a stern but very smart person. My evidence is that James Cook discovered a cure for scurvy. He is also stern as of because in most pictures he looks very serious. He is also talented in drawing maps as he was a cartographer. The text it said that James drew very detailed maps.

One of the many maps James Cook drew

A Perspective of A Hawaiian Native

"This man been using our resources too many times. We are going to run out on supplies! The children are starting to stave. We have to do something to stop the man from coming back. The way to stop them is the main question."

Hawaiian Natives

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