Homesteading By: Bobby Moran, Jack Yakupcin and Vincent Ramano

Homesteaders were settlers who acquired free land from the government.

Oklahoma Land Rush

Homesteading primarily took place in the west, especially in the state of Oklahoma.

Homestead Act

The Homestead Act stated that any farmers residing on land for 5 years would be given 160 acres for homesteading, Congress wanted to give the poor a chance to own a farm.

Challenges that arose from the Homestead Act was that many people did not have money to move West to start a farm. Land companies also took over large areas illegally.

Populist Party

The Populist party was a political party that pushed for social reforms. It demanded public ownership of railroads and warehouses to control rates, a tax on income to replace property taxe, an eight-hour workday and other reforms.


Plains farmers that used machines called drills to plants crops. These drills buried seeds deep in the ground where there was moisture.

Boomers and Sooners

Boomers were white settlers who believed unnasigned lands were public property and not just for Native Americans. Sooners were people who entered the unassigned land in Oklahoma before the land rush officially began.

Exoduster Propoganda

70,000 African Americans who settled in Kansas, these people were called exodustersby how they believed they were Jews fleeing slavery in Egypt, a biblical story told in the book of Exodus.

Groups of farmers who met for lectures, sewing bees, and other events.

Groups of farmers who pool their money to make large purchases of tools, seed and other supplies at discount.

Life for homesteaders on the farm involved consistent working such as collecting maintaining the fields for food, giving proper care to the animals, constructing shelter and finding a reliable source of water.

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