Do you want to be great at baseball? 10 Ways to reach Your Goal

Playing baseball is like a puzzle, you never know what pitch you will receive, or when the ball is going to be hit to you. Some people always dream of being the best, and here are 10 ways to be a great baseball player.

The first step is to practice for about an hour a day. Baseball is more than just hitting a ball. There's hitting, fielding, and base running. If you practice each skill in that hour that you practice, playing baseball will come much easier. If you guys just play video games, and not practice anything to make improvements, you not going to get better and it could hurt your future as a baseball player.

Professional player Bryce Harper working on his swing in the cages

The second step is to always give 100%. At your practices, or if your with your dad, you always have to try your best. Practicing, and playing baseball takes effort. If you don't want to show effort, then you shouldn't play baseball. That's something i learned throughout my life playing this sport. If you are at a tryout, or your not getting the playing time that you want, you got to want it. Work harder then your competition. There's so much more that you can do to be better than others. You just got give 100% and show the effort to be the best.

Baseball player Mike Trout getting his arm loose before a hard practice

The third step is to never give up. If your not hitting well, you just have to take deep breaths and fix your mistakes. A few years ago I was in the worst slump of my life. Sometimes i would go home and cry because I thought I was hurting the team. Then I went outside one day and practice my swing, and then the next year I was on a new team, and I felt like a new player. That could show that putting yourself down is the last thing you want to do. Just don't give up, and do your best. Something my mom told me is "Baseball is fun, you just got to try and nothing will put you down". That's always helped me not give and keep my head in the game.

Baseball player Josh Donaldson crying in his hands after he can't get out of his slump

The fourth step is to to listen to your coaches. Your coaches can help you so much that its the best thing in baseball is to have a coach on your side. Not listening to your coach is so disrespectful, and that's not what you want to do. I learned that last year. My coach gave me a drill that we wanted me to do everyday. Then all the sudden i got obsessed with a video game and didn't do the drills for a second. I ended up not being able to hit the ball and it was really upsetting. Then I started doing them a lot to make up all of the days that I missed, and then the next thing I knew, I was crushing the ball, and was named MVP in a Memorial Day Tournament. That was a great experience, and it tough me well, and it should teach you guys to.

Baseball plar

My fifth step is getting lessons. Getting lessons can also help you practice as well. They fix your swing and give you tips as your baseball seasons move on. My trainer is also my baseball coach so it's great becuase he can always see how I'm improving, amd trainers can help you guys so much with improving your game.

The sixth step is conditioning. Being in shape is important in this sport. Whether it's working out or running. You got to be ab,e to sprint for the ball when ever its get past you, or when it comes to to you. You also have to be able to sprint down the lines when you hit the ball, and when you have to steal. Some things I have seen is people jogging for the ball, and jogging down to forst down on a grounf ball, or a pop up. The next thing I saw they were put on the bench. That's why conditioning is important. You want to be strong, but your coaches expect you to run for the ball, and run down to first base even if it's not the hit that you wanted.

My seventh step is to watch Major League Baseball. If you have a favoryite team, that awesome! Whenever you have a chance, watch one of their games and try to learn from it. Some people on your team have played for years, and make hard things look easy. If you can do that you will be great. It's just going to need practice. People may think it's boring, but it really can help you.

My eighth step is to play at a higher level. People may think that if the better than people, they shouldn't have to work that hard. That shouldn't be how it works. You want to be the best. You to be the best hitter, fielder, and base runner. You could only pull that off if you work the hardest. This goes back to giving 100%, if you want to be great go over 100% maybe 110%. That will make you great.

My ninth step is practicing with a tee. Tees really can fix your swing well. If your struggling at the plate becuase yiur swing is breaking down, all you have to do is get out a tee, and you can fix yiur swing in parts. For example, your load, you turn, and then your swing. Then you do that faster and faster until you feel comfortable again. It really helped me and should help you guys to.

My tenth and final step is the batting cages. As your life goes on in baseball the pitches you receive will come in faster. Going to the batting cages can help you. You just put in the pitch and speed that you want and just take as many swings that you want. If you can get your swing down on the faster pitches, you will get a lot of hits in games. It will not be hard if you go to the batting cages and practice your swing.

Playing baseball is not easy. That's why these 10 steps could make improve immensely. If your dream is to be a professional baseball player, you gotta want it. If you play video games all day, you will get worse, or just stay as you are for the rest of your life. If you do the 10 steps, you will be great.


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