environment and sustainability by Aarabi Kamaleswaran

We are caretakers of this planet. We should take care and stop global warming and stop pollution.

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Four things to address : Transport, Energy, Food and Plastics


Many people on Earth use diesel and petrol which is actually quite bad. Diesel and petrol can cause air pollution and it can really affect your lungs. A better transport which don't use diesel and petrol is an electric car that won't cause an air pollution.


In the world, we have 35 billion barrels of oil that we use for energy. We have consumed 40% of the world's oil. Did you know that in 50 years we will run out of gas and oil as we use it so much on Earth? Every hour, 1.5 million pounds of oil drop into the ocean. Earth's atmosphere has 411 parts of carbon dixode for every million parts of the air.


Apples are made of 25% air which is why they float. Cabbage has 91% water. Avocado has highest protein of all content of fruits. Lemon contain more sugar than strawberries. Neither strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are actual berries. Cherries are a member of the rose family. Eggplants are fruits classifed as berries.


Lots of people leave their plastic on the ocean which is a hazard! Many marine life thinks it's food so what they do is they swallow it and soon they die from it. What should we do? We should use the three r's (reuse,recycle and reduce) to help our planet.



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